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We build AI-native solutions — and use AI
to build software better, faster, smarter.

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AI-native by design

As an AI Native organization, we attract the best AI talent, ensuring we deliver exceptional and impactful AI-driven outcomes for you.

We build AI-native solutions

We’re your shortcut to an AI-powered future. Turn AI potential into tangible benefits with our custom AI services.
AI-Enabled Digital Products
RAG Solutions & Model Fine-Tuning
Multimodal AI Solutions
AI Agents & Orchestration
AI-Powered Personalization
IoT AI Automation

Who we serve

Our focus is to transform your business through AI.

Product leaders

Drive new revenue and differentiation by integrating AI into new and existing products.

Operation and business leaders

Reduce costs and boost efficiency through AI integration into your operations and workflows.

Engineering leaders

Accelerate the pace of software development and increase developer productivity

Business and engineering leaders

Build traditional software solutions in a more efficient way with AI.

Our Expertise

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver your desired outcomes.

Generative AI & Machine Learning

We apply intelligent models to power your applications.

Data Engineering

We ensure your data is clean, accessible, and ready for AI.

Model Deployment & Fine-tuning

We deploy and continuously improve your AI models for optimal performance.

ML Ops

We automate and streamline AI operations and deployment.

Data Analytics & Visualization

We extract insights from your data to drive informed decisions.

AI-Powered Software Development

We Accelerate your development through AI

Our AI Toolbox

We use AI to build software

By leveraging Generative-Driven Development™, you can accelerate your software development lifecycle, delivering value to your users much sooner.

The build vs buy equation has changed…

In the past, you had to choose between a slow to market, expensive, and hard-to-maintain custom solution or a ready-made SaaS product that didn’t fully meet your needs and came with expensive per seat pricing.

SaaS is no longer the obvious choice.

Our proprietary Generative-Driven Development™ methodology leverages the power of AI so you can build custom software in a faster and more cost effective way allowing you to prioritize your unique needs.

How Generative-Driven Development™ can impact your business:

Our Gen-DD approach


Certified AI experts to build your solution and upskill your team along the way


We optimize your development with our AI-driven methodology


Pre-built accelerators and products expedite your time to market


Our curated suite of Gen AI tools maximizes efficiency and effectiveness
Software solutions tailored to your needs
We harness cutting-edge technology to create solutions that leverage your proprietary data, drive revenue, increase operational efficiency, and enhance your users’ experience.

Helping a global Architecture company define and realize its MVP

"You delivered exactly what you said you would in exactly the budget and in exactly the timeline​"
Tom Spahn
Managing Partner @ Design Intelligence

Making compliance document reviews more efficient with machine learning

Integrating Custom Solutions with Salesforce for Digital Transformation

Creating a flexible design system to deliver cross-solution marketing content

"The engineers and the support team are both fantastic"
Tom Spahn
Managing Partner @ Design Intelligence

Our reviews speak for themselves

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Why technology leaders rely on HatchWorks AI

Traditional methods

Self-service AI models

Steep learning curve, limited support, don’t offer the level of customization needed.


Unreliable availability, inconsistent quality, challenging to scale and manage.

In-House developers

Limited talent pool, high overhead costs, often not up to speed on the latest AI advancements.

Development agencies

AI is not their core competency, leading to slow development cycles and inflexible solutions.

The new way

AI is all we do. Our proprietary GenDD methodology, deep expertise, and top AI talent across the Americas provide an affordable, scalable, and cutting-edge alternative.

How we partner

Choose HatchWorks AI as your trusted partner and experience the difference AI can make.

Staff Augmentation​​

AI experts integrated into your teams

Dedicated Agile Team​s

Our AI-driven software teams embedded in your organization

Outcome-Based Projects

AI-powered software solutions tailored to your success criteria

Top AI Talent Across the Americas
HatchWorks AI leads in AI innovation with industry expertise and a robust Nearshore delivery model. Our AI-certified team guarantees excellence, partnering you with the best talent across the Americas to accelerate your success.
Build your AI future

Our team of AI-certified developers and engineers is dedicated to developing their skills with cutting-edge training, allowing us to deliver reliable AI solutions at an accelerated pace.

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