A GenAI workshop by HatchWorks

Gen AI Innovation Workshop


As Gen AI reshapes industries, understanding and leveraging its capabilities is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. HatchWorks equips you with the knowledge to understand and apply Gen AI to real-world use cases in your business. We demystify the technology, making it accessible and actionable.

Use Case Ideation

Envision Generative AI applications uniquely tailored to your business.

Build and Show

Construct a Generative AI proof of concept during the workshop.

Taliored Action Plan

Leave with strategic direction and actionable next steps for implementing your Generative AI solution.

This workshop is perfect for

Attendees will get certified in Generative AI, learn best practices on how to spark innovation and help their company stay ahead in the future of the industry.

We have trusted HatchWorks with our most strategic development projects for over five years. Their Nearshore model, combined with their AI capabilities, has been a game-changer for our software development practice.

Taryn Owen

President & CEO, TrueBlue

HatchWorks doesn’t just teach Gen AI, we embrace it through our Generative-Driven Development™ method. Our hands-on approach and deep understanding of the current technological landscape uniquely position us to guide you through this revolution.

Built Right, Deliver Fast

Instantly access the power of AI and our team of AI-enabled practitioners. We are ready to support you on your project!