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Building Bespoke
Gen AI Experiences

Harness the potential of Gen AI with HatchWorks to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Guiding You from Gen AI Concept to Business Outcomes

We focus on leading you from the initial concept to tangible business results, creating custom Gen AI solutions that align with your unique needs and elevate customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make your transition from idea to implementation smooth, delivering AI solutions that are innovative, practical, and scalable.

Our Approach to Generative AI

Strategy & System Architecture​

Pinpoint and rank the most impactful use cases for deployment, focusing on those that balance ROI and innovation.

PoC Creation & Validation​

Transform initial ideas into a working proof of concept to help address important topics related to LLM selection, data readiness, and security. 

Development & Deployment  

Turn the PoC into a production-ready system through design, development, and testing while accounting for integrations between different types of systems and relevant workflows.

Performance Monitoring & Optimization ​

Continuously monitor performance and LLM accuracy to avoid system degradation and safeguard the user experience and reliability of the models. 

HatchWorks' Gen AI Innovation Workshop has transformed how we think about Gen AI by getting our entire team on the same page and speaking the same language. It is the jumpstart we needed to help us identify and start building POCs for Gen AI use cases across our business

Matthew Shorts

Chief Product & Technology Officer @ Cox2M

Choosing the Right AI for You

Selecting the right large language model (LLM) is crucial. HatchWorks makes this simple with our comprehensive evaluation process, evaluating models to find the perfect fit for your specific business problems and needs. We look at speed, accuracy, cost, and scalability to ensure your AI solution is effective and efficient.

Tailored AI Training

Our experts will train your AI, making it smarter and more efficient by analyzing its performance and fine-tuning. Count on HatchWorks for AI that keeps getting better.

Getting Your Data Ready

We prepare your data for AI, making sure it’s clean and organized. Our Data Engineers modernize your data systems, create strong storage solutions, and use the best MLOps practices. This keeps your AI working like a dream, so you can focus on understanding the big picture.

Keeping Your AI at Its Best

AI changes fast, but we’ve got it covered. HatchWorks continuously checks and improves your AI to keep it performing well, ensuring it stays reliable and reduces errors.

How to get started

We equip you with the knowledge to understand and apply Gen AI to real-world use cases in your business. We demystify the technology, making it accessible and actionable.
We guide you from ideation to prototype creation. This approach provides a low-risk, high-value pathway for companies to validate and test Gen AI technology on a small scale before committing to full production.

Expanding the Horizon with AI Orchestration

The true power, creativity, and productivity of AI is realized when individual models operate in harmony. HatchWorks focuses on creating seamless, cohesive systems that drive your desired business outcomes, from integrating diverse AI models to optimizing complex workflows and resource allocations.

Discover the Full Potential of Generative AI​

Generative AI isn’t just about chatbots; it’s about integrating AI across all your systems to automate workflows, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

Below are some key use cases where generative AI can make a significant impact:

A few of the Gen AI tools in our toolbox

AI-Guru or just AI-Curious?

Accelerate Your Software Development with Gen-DD™

Want to build Gen AI into every stage of your software development lifecycle? See how our Generative Driven Development Methodology integrates Gen AI across all phases of the software development lifecycle, enhancing efficiency and improving quality at each step.

Built Right, Delivered Fast

HatchWorks helps you navigate Generative AI and leverage this advanced technology to achieve your desired business outcomes. Contact us today to book a call or learn more about our Generative AI Innovation Workshop and Solution Accelerator.