UX & UI Design

Design with your customers in mind.

Leverage your customers’ insights to create human-centered experiences that address their needs and drive engagement.
Different user personas represented.
Experience Design
We help define your customers’ journey and evaluate the critical touchpoints of their experience. Discover new opportunities for your customers to achieve their goals and nurture a strong relationship with your brand.

Journey mapping

Brand evaluation

Touchpoint analysis

Opportunity assessment


User Experience

We help architect the foundational flow and functionality of your product, ensuring the experience is not only intuitive and effective, but meaningful and relevant to your customers.

Usability testing

Information architecture

Heuristic evaluation

Concept prototypes

User Interface
We create polished, aesthetically pleasing interfaces that represent your brand’s personality, all built on flexible design frameworks that scale easily as your product evolves.

Visual design concepts

Design systems

Component libraries

Style guides

Diebold Nixdorf logo.
Learn how Diebold Nixdorf partnered with HatchWorks for its software redesign and modernization expertise to reimagine a legacy ATM marketing application.
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