Leading Retail Brand

Enhancing eCommerce Performance for a Leading Retail Brand

  • Nearshore software development
  • React development
  • UX design
  • Performance enhancements
  • Software development
  • Application support



HatchWorks collaborated with a leading North American children’s apparel retailer to enhance their in-house capabilities in software development and improve their US eCommerce platform. To augment their Agile teams, the client sought a long-term partnership specialized in React development, focusing on continuous feature development and user experience improvements.

The Challenge

The client anticipated the need to add a skilled team of six developers for an initial quarter with the potential for a long-term partnership. HatchWorks was tasked with providing a team adept in large-scale web applications and proficient in secure, accessible, and performant code. Bringing experience in headless CMSs, eCommerce API sets, third-party API solutions, and modern runtime environments was crucial. As their care team grew, Spring Hills realized that relying on static documents was not sustainable, and that a more automated system was needed to manage patient information and clinical tasks.

the process

The team HatchWorks provided consisted of senior and mid-level developers, a senior SDET, and a US-based Engineering lead, all working in an Agile framework. This team make up ensured seamless collaboration with the client’s internal teams, other vendors, and Salesforce architects. The process included transitioning team members to focus on specific aspects like front-end development and holiday readiness, while maintaining robust project management and documentation practices using tools like Jira and Confluence.
A chart illustrating the benefits of Agile methodology over the Waterfall model.

The project employed Agile methodologies, with dedicated Scrum Master and Product Owner roles for efficient management, focusing heavily on front-end development using React and CircleCI for CI/CD processes.

The Outcome​

The partnership yielded substantial enhancements, particularly for the product detail experience and the launch of a Progressive Web Application (PWA) 2.0 storefront. This launch drastically improved the client’s Lighthouse score and digital retail performance, accounting for a significant portion of their business.

The latter part of the project focused on key features, marked by a notable increase in conversion rates. On Cyber Monday alone, this enhanced digital presence translated into a remarkable increase in sales efficiency, with the website experiencing a conversion rate of 16.7%, a significant leap from the usual rate of 3%. The project culminated with positive feedback from client leads, emphasizing HatchWorks’ commitment and impact on the project.

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