How We Partner

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Staff Augmentation​

Our developers integrated into your teams

Dedicated Agile Teams

Our software teams integrated into your organization

Outcome-Based Projects

Full-service software solution development aligned to your success criteria

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Staff Augmentation

Integrate skilled developers into your existing teams seamlessly. 

Ideal for teams that need the flexibility to scale up or down, all while benefiting from cost-effective and high-quality Nearshore talent.

We have worked with companies like:

With HatchWorks, We improved our velocity by almost 300% while reducing bugs to near zero.

The teams maximized the use of communication channels for smoother virtual work management. HatchWorks Technologies was a team with talented and competent resources.”
AJ Alix, Head of Product & Strategy, Cox.
AJ Alix
Head of Product & Strategy

Working with HatchWorks has been a great experience.

The engineers and the support team are both fantastic!”
Jeremy K.
Software Engineering Director
@ NV5
Some of our successful engagements
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Dedicated Agile Teams

A specialized software development team that embeds itself within your organization.

Ideal for long-term projects where close collaboration and continuous delivery are key.

We have worked with companies like:

What a typical software development team consists of:

Front-End Developers

Back-End Developers

Full Stack Engineers

Cloud / DevOps Engineer

QA Engineers

AI/ML Engineers

Front-End Developers

UX/UI Designers

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Nearshore is the future of Software Development

Start your project in as little as two weeks and cut your software development costs in half.

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Outcome-Based Projects

We take care of everything from planning and design to development and deployment freeing you to focus on your core business.

Ideal for full-service solution development where we act as your guide, aligning on your desired outcome and delivering end-to-end results.

We have worked with companies like:

Staff Augmentation​
Dedicated Agile Team
Outcome-Based Projects
Primary Focus
Integrating skilled developers into existing teams
Providing a specialized, embedded software development team
Full-service software solution development
Ideal For
Projects needing scalable team sizes and specific skill sets
Long-term projects requiring close collaboration and continuity
Outcome-aligned projects with end-to-end service requirements
Key Benefits
  • Flexibility in scaling
  • Cost-effective Nearshore talent
  • Stable, dedicated team
  • Local U.S.-based solutions practice and client management
Comprehensive solution from planning to deployment

Build Right, Delivered Fast

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