Spring Hills​

Defining and designing a population health platform from scratch

  • Product discovery
  • User flows and task definition
  • Prototyping
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Design system creation
  • Software development
  • Application support


Product Strategist, UX / UI Designer, Solution Architect, Client Engagement Lead, Agile Software Development Team


In 2020, Spring Hills engaged HatchWorks to define, design, and develop a new population health software platform that would act as the foundation of its care team’s workflow, and scale with the organization’s business needs over time.

Whiteboard with initial mapping of opportunities, pain points, goals and data.

The Challenge

Spring Hills’ population health program sought to define the patient assessments and care team member workflows necessary to positively impact patient outcomes. These workflows resulted in assessment write-ups and care team tasks that were initially managed in spreadsheets and static documents. As their care team grew, Spring Hills realized that relying on static documents was not sustainable, and that a more automated system was needed to manage patient information and clinical tasks.

the process

HatchWorks partnered with Spring Hills to design and build their population health solution to support configurable workflows based on user roles and medical scenarios, as well as to support different types of health system customers and patient care periods.

The two organizations kicked off their relationship with in-person workshops that were aimed at defining Spring Hills’ business case and market opportunity, as well as understanding the unique needs of their nursing staff throughout the patient management process.

From there, HatchWorks created a proof of concept, product roadmap, wireframes as well as an interactive prototype.

HatchWorks began by first interviewing Spring Hills stakeholders to understand how the solution would support their business and defining the targeted users and the critical tasks they would complete.

This work led to comprehensive user workflows and prototypes that would become the basis for the logic behind the task generating functionality as well as the UX of the application.

Once that basis was established, the HatchWorks team continued to refine the application’s user experience with additional wireframes, and also created a branded design system that established the user interface
SpringHills user interface design.

The Outcome​

The workflows created helped Spring Hills refine their internal processes to become more efficient. In addition, the design system established a comprehensive user experience and clean, easy-to-use interface that set the stage for the HatchWorks Engineering teams to continue development of the MVP application.
The solution was launched in September 2020 and immediately allowed Spring Hills to transition from management of patients via spreadsheet to a custom application that manages tasks and patient assessments. To date, the application has reduced the 90 day readmission rate for the population that Spring Hills manages to under 10%, where the state average (New Jersey) is over 20%.

To date, the application has reduced the 90 day readmission rate for the population that Spring Hills manages to under 10%

SpringHills design mockups.
SpringHills logo.

About SpringHills

Spring Hills operates assisted living, home care, memory care, post acute care and skilled nursing care centers across 7 states. In addition, Spring Hills implements population health management solutions for patients within their facilities as well as patient populations managed by other health systems or payers. Spring Hills brings together medical professionals, pharmacists and social workers to provide comprehensive care for patient populations to improve value-based care metrics.