A GenDD Lab Course from HatchWorks AI

Training, Fine-tuning, Inference… What’s the Difference?

With the adoption of AI comes a whole new set of terms to learn.

Don’t worry… We got you covered.

(And, PS – we are going to cover it in 30 minutes)

In this Gen-DD Lab, we will go through:

  • What is the difference between training, fine-tuning, and inference
  • How fine-tuning is the secret to customizing a model
  • A live demonstration of fine-tuning an open-source model using PyTorch
  • A live demonstration of ways to achieve insane inference speed, and what that enables

Who is this for?

  • Engineers looking to get up to speed on AI
  • Business leaders learning to speak the language of AI


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David Berrio is a seasoned professional in AI and Data Science with extensive expertise in developing and deploying machine learning algorithms, leveraging a strong command of MLOps and Microservices. His career features significant experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Azure Cloud, and state-of-the-art Deep Learning Architectures. A lifelong learner, David is always at the forefront of technology. He believes in the power of knowledge to drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions, guiding his professional endeavors.

David Berrio, Senior AI/ML Engineer.
My mission is to demystify AI so you can take full advantage of it in your work and life. The latest breakthroughs in generative AI and LLMs have completely democratized AI. You no longer need to know data science and be an experienced developer to take advantage of it. The only limit is your own mind.
Matt Paige, VP of Marketing and Strategy.

HatchWorks embraces Gen AI through our Generative-Driven Development™ method.

Our hands-on approach and deep understanding of the current technological landscape uniquely position us to guide you through this revolution.

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