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Matt Paige
15 UX Statistics You Need to Know in 2023.
Product + Design
15 UX Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

A great UX (User Experience) feels like magic. It feels effortless, leaving the user saying, “How did you do that?!” Even more important, they tell their friends. Getting organizational buy-in for UX can be difficult though. These stats can help you make the case for why you should

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Software Development
6 Key Benefits of Custom Web Applications

Web-based applications have improved drastically over the last few years. Traditional applications can often be elevated by converting them to subscription-based web services on the cloud, also known as software as a service (SaaS). In this blog post, we’ll cover the many benefits that come from creating custom

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Nearshore Development
The Essential Guide to Nearshore Software Development

All you need to know about Nearshore software development Many technology leaders are discovering Nearshore software development as an ideal way to get the talent they need at a price they can afford. Finding great talent is hard. Finding great talent that works in an Agile manner and can deliver

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Man meditating.
How to Create a Zen-like Agile Software Development Team

Having a high-performing Agile software development team is like reaching the ultimate state of zen. When you experience it, you just know… The team works with a subconscious intuition, operating as a unit seemingly knowing what each other is thinking, all guided by a common purpose and product vision.

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Different user personas represented.
Product + Design
Why You Should Establish a Well-Defined UX Research Process

In the midst of ever-changing product expectations, User Experience research is a critical step in validating that a Product team’s concepts are on the right track. It not only fosters alignment between an idea and the reality of what your users actually want and need, but UX research

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HatchWorks announces free beta launch of new SaaS product, Cinch

Atlanta, GA—October 5, 2021—HatchWorks, one of North America’s leading providers of software services, today unveils Cinch—a tool initially built to solve an internal pain point, now ready to help other growing services companies. With Cinch, teams can build project estimates in minutes, always know their team members’ availability,

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