Solving the Complexity of AI-Driven Business Analytics

The path forward to competitive business advantage through modern technology

Data is now the world’s primary business success driver—from finance, to healthcare, to manufacturing and more, it represents the totality of competitive business advantage. In short, better decisions, ongoing insights, and connectivity to all aspects of organizational reach are fully dependent on equipping organizations with actionable data to enhance business performance and operations.

Developing a data-driven AI innovation pipeline demands an underlying understanding of how humans work, interact, influence each other and embrace change.

HatchWorks—along with renowned guest, R&D and innovation strategy leader and podcaster Jason Schlachter—will explore effective methods for leveraging AI and Machine Learning to create a proactive, industry-leading operation and business model.

In this one-hour session, attendees will learn how to:

  • Solve problems with data and create real business value
  • Align people, teams and build advocacy for a data-driven mission
  • Build the required skill-sets, infrastructure and organizational structure needed to implement and sustain AI and ML for data-driven innovation

Guest Presenters

Jason Schlachter
Jason Schlachter is an R&D and innovation strategy leader for a Fortune 50 healthcare company and the founder and host of the We Wonder Podcast.

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