June 11, 2024

Generative AI: Disrupting Software Development

Like many other tech fields, software development is being impacted by the mass uptake of artificial intelligence. But how exactly has the role of a software developer changed, and what will that role look like in the future?

In this special edition of the Built Right podcast, our CEO, Brandon Powell, sits down with J Schwan, the new Executive Chairman of HatchWorks, to explore the impact of generative AI on software development. With over 25 years in the digital consultancy space, J is an angel investor and Founder of The Second Mountain, a coaching and early-stage investment fund for technology services underdogs.

He joins the podcast to share his perspectives on the democratization of AI tools, how AI is changing development processes, and the evolving role of a software engineer. In J’s mind, AI isn’t here to replace software developers and they will still need to know the basics of building applications, but AI could hand them the tools for more impactful work.

We also talk about the wider impacts on business models, the role of agents, the potential for more bespoke AI applications, and practical advice for CIOs navigating the current AI hype.

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Key Moments:
  • An engineer’s perspective on the disruptive power of generative AI
  • How generative AI became democratized with chat interfaces
  • How the hype around AI mirrors transformative technologies of the past
  • Why we’re still in the early days of AI’s full potential
  • How AI will change the role of software engineers
  • The role of agents in software development
  • The impact of AI on business models
  • Advice for aspiring software engineers navigating the AI hype cycle
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