February 6, 2024

Building a Business in the Generative AI Era

We’re back with season two of the Built Right podcast! Following on from our first season where we featured some brilliant and insightful guests from the product design world, we’re kicking off this season with Matt Pierce, Founder and CEO of Immediate.

Immediate helps businesses recruit and retain talent by offering ImmediatePay, a financial wellness benefit that lets employees gain access to their pay in between paydays.

In this episode of the Built Right podcast, we hear the story behind how it all got started. Matt takes us through his career background and how he came to start Immediate. He explains how he defines product-market fit and his process for building the company and ImmediatePay. We also hear Matt’s take on AI in the product world, why he thinks it’s here to stay, and why everyone should find ways to use it or get left behind.

Explore the potential use cases of generative AI for your business and gain valuable insights into AI-driven innovation and strategies to elevate your business. Listen to the podcast now and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and exclusive content!

Key moments:

  • How Matt realized his dreams of starting a business
  • Matt’s unique approach to career acceleration
  • How Matt’s mindset changed while keeping his end goals in mind
  • Beating business worries
  • How Matt defines product-market fit
  • What the early days of Immediate looked like
  • How Immediate began utilizing AI
  • Predictions for the future of business in an AI world

Key links:

  • Immediate: https://joinimmediate.com/
  • Follow Matt on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/piercmb/

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