HatchWorks announces free beta launch of new SaaS product, Cinch

Atlanta, GA—October 5, 2021—HatchWorks, one of North America’s leading providers of software services, today unveils Cinch—a tool initially built to solve an internal pain point, now ready to help other growing services companies.

With Cinch, teams can build project estimates in minutes, always know their team members’ availability, and predict if projects will go over budget before they do. Cinch is a one-stop tool that gets teams out of spreadsheets, and in control of their business.

“As HatchWorks began to scale, it became increasingly difficult to know who was working on what, when they were rolling off projects, and who was best suited to work on our upcoming projects. This problem was affecting how we served our customers and our bottom line. The market had several expensive, bloated ERP systems and small-time tracking players, but nothing specifically suited to solve the problem we were experiencing. So we decided to do what we do best – thoughtfully design a product focused on solving a specific pain point to deliver a positive outcome,” said Brandon Powell, CEO of HatchWorks.

For companies where people’s time is the main cost and revenue driver, the ability to properly manage a bench of team members can be the difference between being profitable or being out of business. In fact, roughly 90% of a professional services company’s cost is their people.

“Cinch has simplified our work of tracking project cost and profitability, especially around team allocation and planning across projects. We used to do this the hard way, using spreadsheets,”

said Diego Rodriguez, General Manager of Fair Play Labs—a participant in the Cinch beta.

“We want to help other companies fix the same pain point we were having at HatchWorks. We value user feedback above all else. That’s why we’re launching Cinch as an open, free beta. We want to learn from our users and refine Cinch to make it even better,” said Matt Paige, Sr. Director of Strategy & Business Development at HatchWorks, and General Manager of Cinch.

To sign up for the free Cinch beta, visit https://cinch.works/

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