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How On-Demand Staffing Became More Efficient with Nearshore

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  • UX & UI Design
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  • Digital Transformation
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50+ Nearshore software engineers, Product Strategists, UX/UI Designers, and Cloud Specialists


One of North America’s leading On-demand Staffing Firms found themselves at a crossroads with digital-first competitors primed to capture their market share. They were in need of a digital transformation to evolve their business that dispatches over 300K temporary workers a year. However, they needed to do it in a cost effective way without sacrificing quality or disruption to their current customers’ experience. They also needed the ability to collaborate real-time as the solution was being developed in an Agile manner.

The goal was to transition from their aging technology to a more agile and scalable digital platform with a dynamic pricing model. With HatchWorks’ expertise in Nearshore software development, cloud migration, machine learning and digital transformation, the on-demand staffing giant was ready to evolve their business.

The Challenge

The on-demand staffing firm, with its significant footprint across the continent, faced declining revenues due to the rise of the “gig economy.” Their existing technology infrastructure lacked the flexibility to adapt to the evolving industry landscape.

The challenge was twofold:

Recognizing these challenges, the on-demand staffing firm turned to HatchWorks, understanding the potential of Nearshore software development to meet their needs.

The Process

HatchWorks began by assessing the client’s existing technology stack, understanding their specific requirements, and developing a proof of concept for their new solution. During the early parts of the engagement, HatchWorks also provided design and product expertise.

What a typical software development team consists of:

Front-End Developers

Back-End Developers

Full Stack Engineers

Cloud / DevOps Engineer

QA Engineers

AI/ML Engineers

Front-End Developers

UX/UI Designers

AI trained
English Proficiency
10+ years average experience

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HatchWorks then integrated a dedicated team of Nearshore software developers from Latin America starting with 2 pods and then scaling up from there to meet the client’s demand supporting both the new product development as well as support of the legacy solutionAdditionally, they embedded machine learning into the client’s solution. These professionals collaborated closely with the on-demand staffing firm in real time, ensuring a seamless transition from the legacy system.

An Agile approach was taken to the development of the solution enabled by the aligned time zones of the US and Latin America. Regular updates were provided, ensuring alignment with the project goals and addressing any challenges promptly.

The Outcome

The collaboration culminated in the successful development of a modern digital platform that not only addressed the on-demand staffing firm’s immediate challenges but also set them on a path for future growth in support of the 300K people they put to work every year. The new system, backed by Nearshore software development, allowed the staffing firm to adapt to industry changes swiftly.


Furthermore, the cost savings achieved by leveraging Nearshore software development was approximately half of what they would have incurred with onshore alternatives. This financial advantage, combined with the operational efficiencies gained, not only validated the success of the collaboration but also highlighted that Nearshore is a long-term, continuously beneficial partnership rather than a mere “one and done” engagement.

“HatchWorks nearshore delivery model has transformed the way we work. Their engineering teams seamlessly integrated with ours making collaboration easy. We have trusted them for over 5 years and now have a team of 50+ nearshore engineers helping accelerate our digital transformation.”

-VP of Technology, North American Staffing Firm