Tech Apprenticeships and Bootcamps are on the Rise

Technology apprenticeships opportunities and bootcamps are on the rise as more businesses seek to fill critical tech roles with skilled workers. These training courses provide an opportunity for individuals to learn new skills, gain full-time employment, and grow their careers while also meeting the needs of businesses for qualified talent. Here’s a look at why these programs are becoming increasingly popular.

A focused woman studying STEM topics on her computer, representing the increasing popularity of tech apprenticeships and boot camps for skill development in the technology industry.

The rise of tech industry apprenticeships and bootcamps

Apprenticeships and bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular as new workers explore exciting opportunities to train for high-demand careers. With the right support, these alternative career paths provide accessible education, leading to in-depth skills that can form the foundation of a prosperous career.

Apprenticeships offer hands-on experience and the ability to receive career coaching and guidance from someone who has firsthand knowledge and work experience of their desired field.

Bootcamps provide more technology-oriented training opportunities, providing an intensive yet succinct exploration of relevant topics within a particular focus area.

Both options offer time-effective approaches to learning for those interested in career shifts. Ultimately, apprenticeships and bootcamps have become attractive pathways for a wide variety of learners due to their approachable nature, duration advantages, and quality outcomes.

The perks of tech apprenticeships and bootcamps

Vocational training programs offer a unique opportunity for students to gain skills, knowledge, and experience that are essential for job placement and success in their chosen career fields. These external training programs provide hands-on experience, opportunities, and guidance from technology industry professionals, helping students get prepared to become competitively employed within their trade.

Students might take classes in welding, plumbing, heavy equipment operation, or automotive service; or they could pursue certifications and apprenticeships tailored to meet their specific career requirements. This training offers much more than traditional classroom education by giving students the type of training needed to successfully enter a dynamic job market – one in which employers seek applicants with real-world experience and expertise.

A chart depicting the rising costs of college tuition and fees over time, with data adjusted for inflation in 2019 dollars. The data is sourced from The College Board's Trends in College 2019 report. The chart shows a steady increase in tuition and fees from the 1980s to the present day, with a steep rise in the 2000s. The average cost for public four-year institutions increased from approximately $3,200 in 1980 to over $10,000 in 2019.

As of the 2021-22 academic year, average tuition and fees increased by 1.3% to $3,800 for two-year schools; a noteworthy 1.6% increase is observed in regards to in-state students at four-year public colleges who now must pay up to $10,740; lastly, private institutions saw a 2.1%, causing their current rate of tuition and fees to amount up to an astounding total of $38,070!

This year, a notable decrease in enrollment for undergraduate students has been witnessed nationwide, as the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reports that student numbers have dropped 3.1%, in comparison to last year’s figures. This is according to their latest survey conducted on college data across America.

Shockingly, enrollment has dropped 6.6% in just two years and more than 1 million students have been lost as a result. Furthermore, an alarming 17% of existing students stated that they will not return to college next year while 19% remain unsure of their future academic plans – this is all according to the results from’s survey which was administered to 1,250 undergraduates last April.

How apprenticeships and bootcamps are disrupting traditional education

Tuition reimbursement programs offered by companies are becoming an increasingly popular way for employees to pursue educational opportunities. While these types of courses can be expensive, they are still often cheaper than traditional colleges because they are usually online courses and may have more flexibility regarding class credits and course requirements.

The ability to take advantage of a tuition reimbursement program offers a great opportunity to those employees that would otherwise find it difficult to pursue higher education. It also typically gives employees access to special pricing or other discounted benefits from the school or provider who offers the course.

Bridging the skills gap through hard work and passion

Working hard is often the only way for students to fully absorb the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their desired field. Programs offered at universities and colleges can be challenging, but having a passion for the topic will allow students to push through even the most difficult parts. It also helps to keep in mind that all of the hard work being put in up-front will pay off down the road.

Not only will successful completion of these programs help open doors professionally, but it is also an important milestone personally. Investing in yourself by dedicating your time to becoming knowledgeable and skilled in something you care deeply about is always worth it!

For many companies, the ability to work with tech bootcamps and apprenticeship programs is more beneficial than traditional colleges.  By doing so, employers can ensure that graduates have the skill set and knowledge needed to hit the ground running. These programs allow students to gain both theoretical and practical experiences.

With the ever-changing landscape of the job market, it’s no wonder that people are looking for new and innovative ways to gain the skills they need to succeed. Apprenticeships and bootcamps are increasing in popularity as they offer an accessible and affordable way to learn a specific trade or skill set. 

HatchFutures to the rescue

The philanthropic extension of Hatchworks, HatchFutures is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing exposure to STEM education in the communities we serve. We recognize that some youth may not know the unlimited possibilities of success in technology careers because no one has taken the time to share with them the possibilities. Additionally, even if a young person knows about the possibilities, they are limited by economic resources or commitments to seek out a tech career by going the traditional college route. 

We decided to begin opening the door of curiosity into STEM with our new workshop program: HatchUp your Future. This four-hour workshop will allow us to work with local schools to help students in high school understand the possibilities within the tech industry. The first step for many of the students will be attending this workshop to learn some of the basics of coding through our interactive workshop. 

For those students who show particular interest, we have made commitments to help provide help in finding apprenticeship and bootcamp opportunities locally. We value the education both of these avenues provide students with and have committed to providing internships to many of those who attend such educational paths. 

These programs provide students with hands-on experience that traditional colleges cannot always offer. While apprenticeships and bootcamps can be expensive, many companies are willing to reimburse part or all of the tuition cost. There is a lot of research involved in finding the right program for you, but it will be worth it if you’re passionate about the field. Be prepared to work hard – these programs are not easy, but they’re worth it if you’re dedicated to learning.

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