How We Deliver

The flexibility you need to build great software.

With our leading-edge expertise, flexible Agile team structure, and proven approach, you can build new software solutions that your customers and business will love.
Built-in flexibility
We empower you to build what matters. Our customer-focused approach and commitment to continuous discovery and delivery give you control over the scope of your project as it evolves.
A chart illustrating the benefits of Agile methodology over the Waterfall model.
A chart illustrating the benefits of Agile methodology over the Waterfall model.
A chart illustrating the benefits of Agile methodology over the Waterfall model.

Traditional approach

  • Rigid
  • One big project
  • A sequential process
  • Suited for situations where change is uncommon
  • Internal-focused
  • Process needs clearly defined requirements upfront

HatchWorks approach

  • Flexible
  • Iterative, Agile projects
  • Highly collaborative
  • Best for those who want continuous improvements
  • Customer-focused
  • Process expects to evolve and change
Don't fear change. Embrace it.
Born from Agile and adapted to your business so you achieve quicker time to value.

Adjust the scope of
your project as needed


Scale your team up or
down as needed


Better measure your progress
and alignment on strategic


Dedicated, multidisciplinary
teams with the skill sets you need


Anticipating the unexpected
is part of the plan


Discover and implement
breakthrough ideas


Fluent and constant


Reduced time to market
and time to value


Fixed time and resources

Reduce risk. Increase value.
Transparency is at the foundation of our process. Never be surprised again.
Consistent visibility builds trust.
Visibility remains high
throughout engagement
Our transparent process provides business value fast.
Business value
ramps-up quickly
With consistent transparency, risk diminishes quickly.
Risk diminishes quickly
With proper transparency, the cost of change remains low over time.
Cost of change remains low
SpringHills logo.
See how HatchWorks’ model allowed Spring Hills to quickly adapt their software solution when COVID-19 hit.
A proven approach to iterative software development
We believe in continuous discovery and delivery to ensure what we are building adapts to the needs of your end-user and your business.
A diagram displaying our practice of continuous discovery and delivery.


We work collaboratively with you to create alignment and ensure we are building a solution that is desirable by your end-user, viable for your business, and technically feasible.

Discovery team building the foundation of your product.

We get you ready
to build in just weeks.

Our design-focused discovery provides you the foundation you need to start building.

  • Goals, Objectives, and Success Criteria
  • User Group Needs and Pain Points
  • User Workflows
  • Technical Architecture
  • Solution Epics and Features
  • User Experience Design
  • Prioritized Roadmap and Initial Backlog
We set you on the path of building a solution that is valuable for your customers and your business.

Design & Build

Design and Build are at the core of our process. We connect Discovery and Delivery into a working model that enables the build, measure, and learn feedback loop so you can continually evolve your software solution.
A Solution Designer hard at work.


We produce working software each sprint. Continuous Discovery and Design are practiced throughout the process, establishing the feedback loops necessary to build great software.
Shipping value one sprint at a time.
We work in two-week sprints to provide measurable value
and outcomes in each sprint.
A diagram of the makeup of a two-week sprint.

Learn how HatchWorks Nearshore Agile Software Development Teams provide you the value you need.

The team you need,
tailored to your specific needs
Multidisciplinary teams providing end-to-end value.
A chart displaying the team composition of HatchWorks Discovery and Delivery Pods.
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