April 30, 2024

Navigating Workplace Challenges with AI: The Tough Day Solution

Generative AI has set workplaces around the world on a path toward reshaping business models, team structures, and how they look for tech solutions. And it shows no sign of slowing down!

In this episode of the podcast, we hear about a new AI platform that offers a unique solution to modern workplace challenges.

Katherine von Jan, aka KVJ, is the Co-Founder of Tough Day, an AI platform that helps workers with everyday challenges. She joins the Built Right podcast to share her brilliant strategy for taking a unique idea and bringing it to market. We hear about how she first came up with the idea and put it through rigorous testing and research methodologies to test viability.

Katherine also shares her take on AI in the future of workplaces, the human connection in AI, and why Tough Day has been building AI archetypes to better understand different customer use cases.

Discover how KVJ’s vision is reshaping the workplace with AI, offering a beacon of support and clarity for workers navigating today’s challenges. Listen to our podcast for insights from leading figures in this evolving field. Subscribe, share your favorite clips, and join the conversation today!

Key Moments:

  • Why Katherine built Tough Day
  • The challenges of being an employee or manager in today’s world
  • Where Tough Day can help employees who don’t have anyone to turn to for advice
  • Katherine explains her early strategy that got Tough Day from an idea to a working solution
  • Why an AI-first mindset is needed today
  • How Katherine and her team put Tough Day to the test
  • Working with LLM’s that may change in time
  • Why Tough Day is building AI archetypes to understand use cases
  • Where generative AI is headed in the future

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