March 28, 2023


Looking to build great digital products? Join us as we explore everything from product strategy and user experience to emerging technology and customer behavior, all while giving you the inside scoop on modernization techniques and building a top-notch product culture.

If you’re a product, technology, or business leader and you’re building a digital product or you’re going through a digital transformation—and those can be really scary—you probably got two things keeping you up at night:

Am I building the right thing?

And am I building it the right way?

And this is the difference between creating digital products that stand out and disrupt the market versus those that die in a blazing glory of wasted time, resources, and cash, and nobody’s got time for that.

I’m Matt Paige, VP of Marketing and Strategy here at HatchWorks, where we help you build the right digital product the right way.

And on the Built Right podcast, we’re gonna go deep on exactly that: how you can build the right digital product the right way.

In each episode, we’ll be getting into specific topics like product strategy, user experience, emerging technology, what actually makes your customers tick, how to modernize a digital product the right way— and PS, there is a right way to do that—, and the culture and people side of building great products.

Sometimes it’ll be me with a HatchWorks expert, and sometimes you’ll be hearing stories from actual product and engineering leaders, learning what worked and didn’t work for them.

And we want to help you deconstruct those layers of successful product development, break down popular trends, and offer real advice to help you ensure your product is built right.

We may not have all the answers but we’ve built a lot of digital products across a lot of industries and we’ve seen a thing or two.

And we’ll be launching the first episode of the Built Right podcast here real soon.

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