February 2, 2024

Season 2 Trailer

Get ready for Season 2 of the Built Right podcast, launching February 6th! Join host Matt Paige as we dive deep into the world of generative AI (Gen AI) in this exciting new season. Our guest lineup is phenomenal, featuring international AI speakers, founders of Gen AI products, domain-specific experts, and influential leaders across various industries. We’re also thrilled to include HatchWorks’ own Gen AI leaders to shed light on our unique Generative-Driven Development™ methodology

This season is tailored for everyone – from AI experts to those just beginning their AI journey. We’re focused on providing tactical, real-world applications of Gen AI that can revolutionize your business, work, and personal life in ways you’ve never imagined. And remember, Gen AI will have a significant impact on every industry, so this is a must-watch for professionals in any field.

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🤖 In this season of Built Right:

  • Exclusive insights from leading voices in the generative AI space
  • Diverse perspectives from industry leaders and Gen AI experts
  • Practical, understandable applications of Gen AI for businesses and individuals
  • A deep dive into HatchWorks’ Generative-Driven Development™
  • And much more!


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