May 13, 2024

Impact of Generative AI on Conversational Design

How has the world of conversational design and conversational interfaces changed with the recent surge of Gen AI?

Taking a deep dive into this topic is Amber Prause, Digital Product Owner at Gordon Food Service, North America’s largest privately held food distributor. She joins this episode of Built Right to talk about the evolution of conversational interfaces, the shift from deterministic design to non-deterministic models, and the importance of understanding user personas in designing chatbots.

Amber shares insights on training NLUs, the role of prompt engineering, and the challenges of leveraging AI in business workflows. We explore real-life examples of AI mishaps and the future of conversation design in the age of gen AI.

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Key Moments:

  • Introducing Amber and Gordon Food Service
  • Amber provides insight into what conversational design is
  • What part does UX play in conversational design?
  • The potential risks of utilizing gen AI for large companies
  • Examples of gen AI being used to do compelling and interesting things
  • Big shifts in conversation design
  • What AI solutions Amber is using right now
  • The tool Amber is most excited about

Key Links:

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