February 20, 2024

Demystifying AI with Heather Murray: A Non-Techie’s Guide

Artificial intelligence used to only be in the realm of the techy people, but recent evolution has leveled the playing field. Now, anyone can use it, and as a result, it has been a major topic of conversation across multiple industries.

Here on the Built Right podcast, we talk with Heather Murray, Founder of AI for Non-Techies, about the growth of AI and how and why companies should integrate it within their processes. As a self-proclaimed non-technical person, Heather dove into the world of generative AI and found it fascinating that now anyone can utilize it. Now, she teaches other companies about the value of using AI and the possibilities it opens up.

We dig into why AI is such a hot topic at the moment, why many people are still resistant to it, and how both enterprise-level and SMBs can implement AI tools. She introduces her AI Maturity Matrix to help businesses go from of AI awareness to optimization – video content on how to use this can be found on LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok.

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Key moments:

  • How Heather first got involved in the AI world
  • Why the AI movement took off
  • Predictions on where AI is headed in the future
  • Resistance to AI and what it means for the future
  • Why Heather sees AI as a “service deepener” that amplifies talent
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about being behind on AI
  • How SMBs and enterprises have adapted to AI
  • Advice for businesses that want to implement AI
  • How to use the AI Maturity Matrix
  • Why data is so important for AI
  • How to use the optimization mindset framework


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