April 2, 2024

The AI Startup Journey: Lessons Learned from Wysper.ai’s Founder

The barrier to entry in product development is growing smaller every day as new tech like AI makes it easier than ever to build your own products. But what does this mean for the SaaS market? Will the business model that SaaS companies have followed need to evolve?

On the Built Right podcast, we welcomed Gregory Mayer, the Founder of Wysper.ai, a solution that automates content creation by turning podcasts and webinars into written content for marketing purposes. Gregory’s story is an inspiring one for anyone who’s ever wanted to build their own tech solution, as someone who went from idea to market in the space of just a couple of months.

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Key Moments:

  • Why Greg decided to build his own AI tool
  • The diminishing friction of creating new tools for the market
  • How Wysper went from idea to market in just a couple of months
  • What the low barrier to entry in product development means for the market
  • How the SaaS business model could change
  • How companies can stand out in the evolving market
  • The most important skills needed when building a product today

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