March 19, 2024

The Future of Product Management: AI and Beyond

What does the future hold for product management in the era of generative AI?

Joining this episode of the Built Right podcast is Bo Brown, the Director of Product Management of Payment Tools at NCR Voyix, to share his take on the future of product management. He dives into the true purpose of product management today, why we should never lose sight of product viability, and how AI is affecting product teams.

We hear some insights into how product management differs between large organizations and smaller start-ups and the important advice he received from entrepreneurs in his career.

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Key Moments:

  • The purpose of product management
  • Why it’s crucial not to overlook viability
  • The differences between working in a large organization vs. a start-up
  • How portfolios of products affect product management
  • Why product managers need to be good at socializing to get buy-in throughout a company
  • The connection between point of value and product
  • How generative AI is affecting product management
  • Monetizing products and looking at market demand

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