May 27, 2024

AI and the New Age of Artistic Creation

While the era of generative AI has got some people worried, especially in the creative spaces, others are seeing new opportunities arise from it.

Meg Ball, Graphic Designer at MTB Creative, has embraced generative AI tools and now uses them as a key part of her design process. In this episode of Built Right, we hear how she first became interested in gen AI and began to use Midjourney after learning about it via Discord communities.

Meg shares her thoughts on the art of prompting and experimenting with different features on Midjourney, plus how AI has changed her creative process entirely. She takes us through her process with an in-depth demonstration of creating new material in Midjourney.

Explore the future of creativity with us! Dive into this fascinating episode as we discuss how AI tools like Midjourney are reshaping the art and design world. Don’t forget to subscribe, share your thoughts in the comments, and follow us for more insightful episodes on innovation and technology!

Key Moments:

  • How Meg first became aware of generative AI
  • Why Meg wishes she had got into AI sooner
  • AI’s impact on creativity
  • How generative AI has changed Meg’s creative process
  • Where AI fits into the final product and why you can’t 100% take away the human element
  • How different industries are reacting to AI
  • Meg’s approach to progressing with AI tools
  • Why technique is the number one thing Meg starts with
  • A demonstration with Midjourney
  • Why it’s not too late to jump on AI

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