Outsourcing to Costa Rica: A Strategic Move for Tech Growth in 2024

Costa Rica’s natural beauty is a wonder that has captured the attention of many. But at HatchWorks, it’s their burgeoning tech talent that has us awestruck.

In fact, they’ve become one of our go-to sources for top-tier software developers and our clients have seen the richness those developers bring to projects time and time again.

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It’s not just that the country is full of highly skilled developers, it’s that they’re cost-effective and convenient.

All three combined could accelerate your growth through 2024 and beyond.

Don’t believe us? Read for yourself and find out how outsourcing to Costa Rica could be your best business decision yet.

The Rise of Costa Rica in Global Outsourcing

Where does your mind go when you think of cost-effective outsourcing? Is it a customer service center in the Philippines? A design team in India? Manufacturing in Thailand?

For more and more strategic businesses, their minds land somewhere a little closer to home. It lands on Costa Rica.

With a time difference of only two hours ahead of California and one hour behind New York, Costa Rica offers a near-perfect alignment for businesses in key U.S. markets.

But a convenient location isn’t all the country has to offer its northern neighbors. After all, all of Latin America has similar work hours.

Where Costa Rica stands out is in its dedication to education.

Costa Rica invests around 6.5% of its GDP in education. This is a broad strategy to increase base level education and higher education opportunities across their population. And as Costa Rica becomes more proficient in English and more skilled across industries it opens up opportunities for Canadian and US companies to outsource work there.

Most notably, Costa Rica’s tech skills are on the rise, with their tech sector forecasted to increase between 2023 and 2028 by 180.2 million U.S. dollars (+55.05 percent).

This growth makes Costa Rica an increasingly attractive destination for outsourcing companies, especially with software engineering and other tech based services.

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Software Development in Costa Rica: A Snapshot

If there’s one industry to pay particular attention to when outsourcing to Costa Rica, it’s software development.

According to Coursera’s 2023 Global Skills Report, LATAM learners lead in technology (75%) and data science (69%), with the highest regional averages among countries for these domains.

Because software engineers and developers are in such high demand, the emerging tech talent of Costa Rica has focused on filling this critical skills gap for American businesses.

At HatchWorks, we tap into this talent and connect the best software developers in Costa Rica to US businesses through our Nearshore Software Development services.

It’s the growth we’ve witnessed firsthand.

Success Story in Costa Rican Outsourcing

A leading On-demand Staffing Firm in North America found success outsourcing software development services to Costa Rica through HatchWorks.

They needed to update the platform that helps them dispatch over 300k workers a year without disrupting their service. This custom software development project required close collaboration which was enabled by a Costa Rican team working from the same time zone with the exact capabilities to do the job effectively.

The best part? They spent half of what they would if they had hired an onshore alternative. Now they have software developer services they can turn to again and again, continuously improving their platform without missing a beat.

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development to Costa Rica

Below is a breakdown of the key advantages Costa Rica offers that offshore outsourcing, local boutique agencies, and other LatAm countries fall short on.

Access to Top Talent = Quality Software & Cutting Edge Innovation

One thing should be clear by now—Costa Rica’s information technology sector is thriving, thanks to its pool of top-tier software developers.

And when you have access to a highly skilled workforce like the one Costa Rica offers, you’re getting more than just baseline task completion, you’re getting a team of individuals at the forefront of AI and emerging software trends.

While there are heaps of talented developers in the US, it’s talent that will cost you big.

More Cost-Effective than Onshore Outsourcing

While offering a high standard of software development services, Costa Rica is also known for its cost-effectiveness.

The cost of living and labor costs in Costa Rica are generally lower than in the U.S., allowing U.S.-based companies to enjoy significant cost savings without compromising on the quality of work.

This makes it an attractive destination for businesses looking to optimize their budget while still accessing top-tier software development services.

Convenient Time Zones for Effortless Collaboration

One of Costa Rica’s most significant advantages is its time zone alignment with the United States. This proximity facilitates real-time communication, making coordination between teams more efficient.

This makes project management smoother and more efficient, with the possibility of same-day responses and quicker turnarounds.

Scalable and Flexible to Your Needs and Growth

Outsourcing to Costa Rica provides companies with the flexibility to scale their operations up or down based on project requirements.

This scalability is crucial for businesses that experience fluctuating demands or need to rapidly ramp up their development capabilities for specific projects.

At HatchWorks, for example, we’re well-equipped to accommodate these changing needs, offering a range of services from small, dedicated teams to full-scale development operations.

Low Geopolitical Risk

Lastly, Costa Rica is known for its political stability and democratic governance, contributing to a favorable business environment.

This stability is a significant factor for companies considering foreign investment and outsourcing. In Costa Rica, businesses can operate without the fear of geopolitical or economic instability that might be prevalent in other regions.

Of course, there is always risk. HatchWorks mitigates that risk by having Nearshore software developers across LatAm who can be added to client projects and pick up seamlessly where someone else has left off so that disruption is minimal and targets are still hit.

Challenges in Outsourcing to Costa Rica (& How to Overcome Them)

Outsourcing to Costa Rica, like any business venture, comes with its own set of challenges.

However, with the right strategies, these hurdles can be effectively overcome.

Below, we’ve outlined the most common challenges you can face and how to overcome them.

Cultural Differences

The Challenge:

While Costa Rica shares many aspects of Western business culture, subtle differences in communication styles and work ethics can still arise. For instance, Costa Ricans may have a more relaxed approach to deadlines compared to the often fast-paced American business environment.

Our Solution:

Bridging this gap requires mutual understanding and respect. Investing in cultural training can help teams from different backgrounds work together more effectively.

For example, joint workshops focusing on business etiquette and communication styles can enhance mutual understanding. Regular team-building activities, whether virtual or in-person, can also foster a sense of unity and cooperation, smoothing out any cultural rough edges.

If you work with HatchWorks to source your Nearshore development team you can move forward knowing cultural differences won’t be an issue. Our base in the US bridges Latin American culture with US work cultures on your behalf so that the process is completely smooth from your end.

Language Barriers

The Challenge:

While many Costa Ricans in the tech sector are proficient in English, language barriers can still occur, potentially leading to misunderstandings in project specifications or goals.

Our Solution:

To overcome this, it’s wise to partner with teams known for their strong English skills.

Beyond this, you can use communication tools that support language clarity, like translation apps or bilingual project managers. Regular language training sessions for team members can further minimize language-related hiccups.

Legal and Compliance Issues

The Challenge:

Ensuring compliance with both Costa Rican and international laws, particularly around data security and intellectual property, can be complex. The Costa Rican government has its own set of regulations that must be adhered to, which might differ from those in other countries.

Our Solution:

Choose a provider who is familiar with and who adheres to US procedures. A US based nearshore provider like HatchWorks will know the legal requirements you need to follow as well as the data security you want to follow to protect your business.

Ensure that contracts are comprehensive and clear about intellectual property rights, data protection, and compliance standards. Regular audits and compliance checks can also help.

Quality Control

The Challenge:

Maintaining consistent quality, especially in complex software development projects, can be challenging. This might include ensuring code is clean, user interfaces are intuitive, and that the final product aligns with client expectations.

Our Solution:

Establishing clear quality benchmarks and conducting regular reviews are key. Partnering with Costa Rican firms that have strong quality assurance processes in place can provide peace of mind.

Adopting Agile methodologies can facilitate ongoing quality control, allowing for regular check-ins and adjustments as the project progresses.

At HatchWorks we follow our own Generative-Driven Development™ process that guarantees:

  • Specialized, flexible frameworks
  • AI-enhanced development
  • Accelerators and automation tech
  • Continuous value delivery
  • Hyper-enabled, next-gen teams

Practical Tips for Outsourcing to Costa Rica Successfully

Now that you know Costa Rica is the country you want to outsource software development to, how do you go about doing it so that it becomes a strategic advantage and not a massive headache?

Three things:

  • Follow outsourcing best practices
  • Choose the right project to outsource
  • Partner with a reliable provider with ties to the US

Follow Outsourcing Best Practices

When it comes to managing outsourced projects, adopting proven project management methodologies and communication tools is key.

Regular updates and feedback loops are crucial for project success. Tools like Slack, Trello, or Asana can facilitate seamless communication and project tracking. This constant flow of information helps in aligning goals, making adjustments as needed, and keeping everyone on the same page.

Choose the Right Project(s) to Outsource

Not all software development projects are equally suited for outsourcing. Some may be better to build in-house, to buy ‘off the shelf’, or to deprioritize altogether in favor of a more impactful project.

Some projects that often get outsourced include:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cloud-Based Solutions and Services
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

When making your choice, evaluate the project’s scope, complexity, and your internal capabilities.

The goal is to identify areas where a partner like HatchWorks can add the most value, leveraging their expertise and talent access.

Partner with a Reliable Provider with Ties to the US

Odds are you won’t reach out directly to a development team in Costa Rica. Instead, you’ll use a Nearshore provider like us who connects you to the talent you need to complete specific projects.

Because there are so many software development companies out there to choose from, it’s easy to choose the wrong one.

Look for partners with a strong track record and, ideally, ties to the US. This can ensure a better understanding of your business context and requirements.
And when you’re vetting potential partners, consider their:

  • past projects
  • client testimonials
  • approach to project management

Building a long-term relationship with a development team is beneficial, as it leads to better understanding and collaboration over time.

An outsourcing company like HatchWorks, which understands both the Costa Rican and US business environments, can be invaluable in navigating this terrain successfully.

Grow Your Business with Nearshore Software Development in Costa Rica & Beyond

HatchWorks is a US-based Nearshore software development partner that combines local, high-touch service with the affordability and scale of Nearshore outsourcing.

We have expert teams in Costa Rica and across Latin America ready to slot into your projects effortlessly or run them for you.

After a 5-step screening process, we fit you with the right talent for the job and build your digital products one of three ways: through Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Agile Teams, or Outcome-Based Projects (a full service software development solution).

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