Location Doesn’t Matter. Talent Does.

As we mentioned in our recent blog post, 3 Simple Reasons to Consider Nearshore for Software Development, the way of working has changed.

Remote working is here to stay!

Today, there are more people working remotely than before the pandemic. Gartner reports that 30% of employees worked remotely at least part-time before the pandemic, compared to 48% post-pandemic.

A decade ago, remote working options were rarely available unless special accommodations were made. The Covid pandemic changed that. Outsourced development teams have proven they can be productive – dare we say more productive in a remote environment.

Great Talent Is Everywhere

Finding the right people for your project is hard. Not to mention finding people that fit your culture and core values. If you’re a business leader and haven’t started looking at talent outside of your geographic area, you’re missing the boat on a chance for your organization to perform at the highest level. The world has changed. Great talent is everywhere, and we finally have the infrastructure and business mindset to look beyond local limitations. While large-scale remote working is a recent phenomenon, nearshore providers in Latin America have been building their remote muscles for many years.
Nearshore software development is when a company has distributed teams in countries that are in the same or similar time zone.”
If you are in the US, you can’t afford not to look at nearshore software development. Nearshore offers more affordable operating costs and access to highly qualified professionals from across Latin America and Canada. You benefit from a geographically diverse yet integrated team aligned in the same time zone to maximize collaborative work time.

A Successful Partnership: Nearshore + Agile

If you’re considering augmenting your staff or adding dedicated development teams through nearshore, but you don’t have experience vetting nearshore outsourcing partners, the most important thing to consider is how a nearshore partner delivers.

Maximizing collaborative work time and output with nearshore is about more than the right talent and an aligned time zone. To ensure productivity and maintain high-quality work for teams separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, you need a partner who lives and breathes Agile in everything they do.

Running distributed remote Agile teams can be a challenge to managing and maximizing your team’s output (i.e. ROI). More and more people are working remotely now with companies that have never run distributed remote Agile teams. Some are struggling to perform at the same rate of performance compared to previous models.

For over five years now, HatchWorks has run successfully distributed remote Agile teams for software and data projects. There is one constant among all of our customers: the desire for flexibility and quicker time to value.

Our Agile approach embraces collaboration and feedback loops to validate ideas, reduce uncertainty, and drive positive changes that lead to your success.


We see it every day, companies fall back into antiquated methods, insisting all employees be onsite for most of or all of the work week. Not surprisingly, these are the same businesses that are limiting themselves to the shallow end of the talent pool.

It’s no longer about going to the office. Instead, what matters most is having the right talent, being aligned by time zone, and sharing the day’s work.

Hatchers work all across Latin America.

HatchWorks is the Right Nearshore Partner

If you want to accelerate your software development with the right team at the right value for today’s remote world, contact us about our Nearshore development teams.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into the talented pool of Latin American developers at HatchWorks, delivering top-notch solutions across the region.

Getting Started with HatchWorks Is Easy

HatchWorks will work with you to perform a free initial assessment of the team composition you need based on your current team structure. They can work as an autonomous dedicated team or integrate with your own team to meet your needs. No matter what phase you are at in your software solution journey, HatchWorks can help you accelerate your path to success.