3 Simple Reasons to Consider Nearshore for Software Development

Nearshore software development is the secret weapon that modern companies are using for their software development projects, enabling them to maintain the same level of collaboration, quality, and productivity at a greater value.

It’s Official: The Way of Working Has Changed

Remote working is here to stay! Having team members physically in the office is no longer a vital requirement as nearshore development teams have proven they can work collaboratively (and many times more productively) in a remote setting.

The question is, are you taking full advantage of what this new way of working has to offer?

What is nearshore software development?

Nearshore development is when a company has distributed teams in countries that are in the same or similar time zone. In the US this means countries in Latin America. Many companies leverage partners with a presence in these countries acting as a way to accelerate their path to take full advantage of everything nearshore software development has to offer.

3 simple reasons to consider nearshore for software development

There are many reasons why you should consider nearshore software development services, but these 3 are at the core of why so many companies are taking advantage of it to accelerate their digital transformation.

1) Aligned timezone for realtime collaboration

Agile multidisciplinary teams are the standard in today’s world of software development. Agile at its foundation is built on collaboration, iteration, and short feedback loops, which is one of the reasons why Agile teams have managed to be so productive during the pandemic.

The main requirement for Agile to work in a remote setting is being able to share the day’s work cycle. Nearshore development enables that real-time collaboration by being aligned by timezone, not cubicles.

Gone are the days of communicating through email and getting a response the next day as is common practice when offshoring software development.

2) Talent, talent, talent.

The pandemic has shifted how people think about work. It has increased the need for digital transformation, thereby creating a talent shortage in the US unlike any we have seen in our lifetime.

Gartner reports:

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Countries in Latin America have invested heavily in technology education, now providing a rich pool of tech talent. They are skilled in modern technology and the ways of Agile, allowing for easy integration into a distributed Agile team.

On top of timezone alignment, Latin America has a strong cultural affinity with the US along with strong English proficiency across the region, making collaboration even more seamless.

3) More value for your investment

The last but certainly not least reason that you should consider nearshore software development is the value you get for your investment.

Not only is talent in the US scarce, but salary expectations are at unprecedented levels.

Nearshore software development presents an option that provides better value and a greater supply of talent. On top of that, the quality of talent results in little to no dropoff in productivity compared to onshore.

Companies that leverage a nearshore software development partner are able to take full advantage of nearshore right away without having to make the investment it takes to move into a new region along with all the complexities that brings.

So how do you take advantage of all nearshore software development has to offer? The best way is to start with a partner who is already experienced in providing nearshore software development services to determine if it is a fit for your business.

Map of HatchWorks Latin American footprint.

The HatchWorks difference

HatchWorks is a leader in the nearshore Software Development space, headquartered in Atlanta, GA with a large footprint across Latin America. HatchWorks provides the right team at the right value for today’s remote world helping technology leaders imagine, modernize, and accelerate their business-critical projects.

1) Scale up or down

With most providers, you are locked in with a team regardless of how your needs change over time. With HatchWorks, you are able to scale your team up or down with ease to meet the demand of your roadmap and backlog.

On top of that, if you are not happy, you can stop anytime.

HatchWorks nearshore delivery model has transformed the way we work. Their engineering teams seamlessly integrated with ours making collaboration easy. We have trusted them for over 4 years and now have a team of 30+ nearshore engineers helping accelerate our digital transformation.
– Christopher Kapcar, Vice President of Technology, PeopleReady

2) US-based

HatchWorks is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL, providing you with a local presence and contact from the beginning to the end of your project.

HatchWorks’ Product & Design practices along with the Customer Engagement team are all located in the US helping set the foundation for your project and ensuring it stays on track to earn your trust.

3) Robust, no-hassle talent identification and vetting

HatchWorks Sprint Recruiting process makes the identification, vetting, and creation of your team seamless and fast, so you don’t have to wait to get your project started.

HatchWorks ensures you get the right team for the job. With 98.5% team member retention, you will have a steady team through the life of your project.

Getting Started with HatchWorks Is Easy

HatchWorks will work with you to perform a free initial assessment of the team composition you need based on your current team structure. They can work as an autonomous dedicated team or integrate with your own team to meet your needs. No matter what phase you are at in your software solution journey, HatchWorks can help you accelerate your path to success.