Why People Above Profit Makes Business Sense

In 2022, we introduced profit-sharing at HatchWorks.

For everyone.

Because at HatchWorks, we believe ALL team members should share in our company’s success. Whether you are…

  • In the US or Latin America
  • An Employee or Contractor
  • An Associate Developer or Vice President

You get to participate at the same level with only one condition:

You are part of the HatchWorks team.

“Profit-sharing is a system in which the people who work for a company receive a direct share of the profits.”

This initiative is one of many meant to create and maintain a best-in-class workplace, attracting and retaining the best talent.

Profit-sharing makes business sense for HatchWorks.

Profit-sharing brings our teams together, uniting us across roles and countries, aligning us toward a common vision of being the most trusted technology solutions company our customers and team members can’t stop raving about.

This is especially important when you have a distributed team across the Americas. We have people in the US, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

Some of our team members have never met face to face.

You need connection, you need purpose, you need a rallying cry to give it all you got in service of delivering value for your customers.

Otherwise, you are left with a team of mercenaries only focused on giving just enough to get the job done.

That’s where culture comes in. Profit-sharing is an extension of our culture and core values. It provides our team with consistent transparency and helps to build trust.

A strong, positive culture inspires our team to give their best and reinforces the feeling that they are part of something bigger. This helps not only to attract the best talent but to keep it too.

At HatchWorks, we are working toward creating a team of champions, one that believes in the mission and our customers’ success.

At the end of the day, our customers are in the same boat. They are trying to achieve an outcome and do it in a purposeful way. We are here to help them achieve that and become the hero of their journey.

We are simply the guide. A trusted guide, who they can count on to deliver.

You belong at HatchWorks

To learn more about the perks and benefits of joining the HatchWorks team, check out our careers page.