The data dilemma

55% of data collected by companies is not used. Where do you stack up?  This phenomenon, known as Dark Data, can be sorted into two categories—data you know has been captured, but you don’t know how to use, and data you are not sure with certainty that you have.

As more modern software solutions get further ingrained into our everyday lives, this flywheel of data will continue to accelerate—making it increasingly difficult to connect, visualize, and ultimately make your data actionable in an automated way.  The question is, will it be a virtuous cycle or a vicious cycle for you and your business?

How We Ensure Your Success

We design and engineer cloud-native user-centric analytics solutions that help you visualize and understand your mission-critical data to improve operational efficiencies and create a better customer experience—ultimately improving your bottom line. 

Becoming a data-driven and ultimately a data-differentiating company is a journey.  Our approach guides you through the complexities of determining what data you need, and how it should best be represented, to drive actionable insights. We believe your business is unique. That’s why we put YOU first. 

Types of dashboard solutions we build: 

  • Operational dashboards to monitor critical operational metrics
  • Strategic dashboards to drive key initiatives
  • Analytics dashboards to identify trends
  • AI / ML dashboards to uncover patterns and enable predictions
  • Embedded dashboards in customer-facing solutions
Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Strategy

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Understanding the business problem(s)
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Understanding key metrics
  • Creation of a report and recommendations to get started

Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Design-

  • Identify appropriate data sources
  • Data modeling
  • Mock-up and design dashboard prototype

Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Development

  • Data cleaning
  • Build analytics dashboard
  • Connect to appropriate data sources

Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Application Management
Application Management

  • Deploy solution
  • Set up user access and management
  • Monitor to ensure ongoing performance

Case Study

HatchWorks Helps Startup Evolve into a Fintech Healthcare Provider Success Story

A business in search of a new revenue stream. A recognition of a significant industry gap. And a need for external full lifecycle software development expertise to bring their idea to fruition.

In this case study, read how a US-based healthcare services and consulting firm partnered with HatchWorks to create a platform that enabled the customer to launch a spin-off SaaS analytics company —and become an analytics leader in their respective healthcare field. 

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Our Customers

Just a few of the great companies that have relied on HatchWorks to achieve success.

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