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Agile Methodology Consulting

Are you getting all the benefits Agile has to offer?

Our Agile coaches work directly with your team to assess your current state, identify gaps, and provide tailored recommendations on how to improve your Agile approach and take performance to the next level.

See how HatchWorks’ Agile Framework can align your team and accelerate your delivery.

DevOps Consulting

Your DevOps pipeline can either be an enabler or an inhibitor to creating great software.

We know what it takes to properly set up, maintain, and monitor your DevOps pipeline from the countless solutions we have built.

Our approach

Perform a detailed assessment of your current DevOps pipeline

Provide recommendations on how to optimize your DevOps pipeline tailored to your needs

Implement the recommended changes accelerating and providing structure to your process

Cloud Transformation

The Cloud has become ubiquitous. Are you getting the most from what the cloud has to offer?

Whether you are looking to optimize your current cloud infrastructure or migrate applications to the cloud for the first time, we can provide a roadmap to make it a reality.

See how HatchWorks’ AWS well-architected review can drive a customer-first culture.

Business Process

Your business process is at the core of what you do – providing the connection between people and technology.

We work with you to optimize efficiency across your organization so you can maximize resources and boost profitability.

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Technology Consulting