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Matt Paige
Man meditating.
How to Create a Zen-like Agile Software Development Team

Having a high-performing Agile software development team is like reaching the ultimate state of zen. When you experience it, you just know… The team works with a subconscious intuition, operating as a unit seemingly knowing what each other is thinking, all guided by a common purpose and product vision.

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Finding Focus with guest Matt Paige

A self described data driven professional focused on building and scaling engaging products, Matt Paige sits down with Andy Mowat to discuss everything from the importance of deep work time to something he calls “Sunday prep.” Listen to the podcast Matt is the Vice President of Marketing

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Geese flying in Agile-like formation.
What Agile, Recruiting, and Geese Have in Common

Geese – The Creators of Agile Methodology I’ll confess, I’m a nerd. I’m always reading to identify better ways to increase efficiency in recruiting. I stumbled upon an article explaining why geese fly in a V formation and the science behind why their behavioral instinct makes them such

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Leveraging an Agile Approach for Software Development Success

In the world of software development, goals can change—and that can be a good thing.  In fact, with an Agile iterative development approach that embraces collaboration, any feedback derived through this methodology can drive positive changes that ultimately leads to your success. This guide provides an overview of

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Solving the Enterprise Innovation Challenge

We all know the reality of the enterprise environment. Organizational size can often be a double-edged sword—big enough to apply resources to fuel innovation, yet too big to be nimble enough to jump-start the creative process. In other words, larger enterprises have the resources to innovate, yet far

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