A GenDD Live Lab from HatchWorks

Create and Fine Tune Your Own Multimodal Model

Multimodal computer vision models have applicability across every industry by effectively giving your systems and business vision to action on and drive insight.

HatchWorks’ very own, Oscar Romero Senior Data and ML Engineer, will take you step by step teaching you what a computer vision model is and then demonstrating how to create and fine-tune one for your industry use case.

Why is this important?
Gen AI is quickly advancing past the chatbot, and leveraging a multimodal system like computer vision unlocks a wide range of use cases helping drive efficiency in your business as well as providing a competitive advantage.

What will you learn?

  • What a computer vision model is
  • How a computer vision model works
  • How to apply computer vision to specific domain use cases

Who is this for?

  • Leaders and practitioners in engineering and application development who are looking to advance past the standard chatbot Gen AI use case and are curious about computer vision
  • Business and product leaders looking for alternative approaches to leverage Gen AI to uncover new and compelling use cases.
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Engineer and Master’s student in Computer Science with experience in data engineering, backend development, machine learning, cloud computing, product development and devOps. Interested in deep learning, AI and technology projects.
Oscar Romero, Senior Data Engineer.
My mission is to demystify AI so you can take full advantage of it in your work and life. The latest breakthroughs in generative AI and LLMs have completely democratized AI. You no longer need to know data science and be an experienced developer to take advantage of it. The only limit is your own mind.
Matt Paige, VP of Marketing and Strategy.

HatchWorks embraces Gen AI through our Generative-Driven Development™ method.

Our hands-on approach and deep understanding of the current technological landscape uniquely position us to guide you through this revolution.

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