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Understanding the reporting needs of an international sales team

  • Qualitative user research
  • Quantitative user research
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • UX design


Product Strategist, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Solution Architect, Client Engagement Lead


Before engaging with HatchWorks, Juice Plus+ understood that their existing sales reporting system was not meeting the needs of their independent sales partners. Juice Plus+ wanted to help their partners grow and succeed, and realized that there was an opportunity to reimagine their reporting system from the ground-up, but they were unsure of where to focus their internal Product team’s limited bandwidth. As a critical first step in revamping the sales reporting system, Juice Plus+ decided to partner with HatchWorks to gain a deeper understanding of their partners’ day-to-day wants, needs, and challenges.

The Challenge

The ways in which Juice Plus+ partners interacted with their vital business data in the existing sales reporting system were rigid and antiquated. Confusing presentations of data were prone to misinterpretation, workflows were complicated and riddled with time consuming work-arounds, and in general, partners’ expectations of “how something should work” had shifted as a result of their routine interactions with modern software systems.
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The Process

To get a better understanding of the challenges Juice Plus+ was facing, the HatchWorks team analyzed existing product materials, and performed a high-level evaluation of the existing sales reporting system. From this analysis, the HatchWorks team composed, planned, and facilitated qualitative one-on-one interviews with Juice Plus+ partners from around the world, as well as with internal Juice Plus+ business stakeholders and subject matter experts.
HatchWorks also helped the Juice Plus+ Product team develop a flexible quantitative survey framework that could be easily adapted and distributed to thousands of partners in various international markets. The intention was to build an evergreen survey system that could act as a complimentary data source well beyond the initial research project timeframe.

The Outcome​

The initial evaluation and user research produced a wealth of observations, insights, and data that the HatchWorks team then sorted, analyzed, and synthesized into high-level product recommendations and considerations. The team also produced low-fidelity wireframes to support new and enhanced product concepts and user flows.
To cap the engagement, detailed findings and recommendations were presented to key stakeholders of the Juice Plus+ team, and a project read-out document was constructed as a take-away for the team to review internally.

The insights and recommendations HatchWorks provided gave the Juice Plus+ team direction on where to focus next, fostered buy-in on next steps for the sales reporting system, and provided a clear path to prioritizing the team’s ongoing work efforts and bandwidth.

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