Positioning Yourself as a Problem Solver with Matt Paige

Matt Paige, our Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, was recently interviewed on The Marketing Ladder podcast with host Mason Cosby

Positioning Yourself as a Problem Solver with Matt Paige.

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Throughout his career, Matt has continually iterated his role and responsibilities, moving from project management to research, product marketing, product, customer success, and finally landing back in marketing. He’s recognized internally as a problem solver, which has allowed him to try new roles and gain diverse exposure across different areas of the business.

Matt’s diverse background has made him uniquely qualified to lead strategy for HatchWorks. He encourages early-career professionals to try new things, even if they may not seem like the right fit at first.

He believes that by taking on new challenges and roles, you can discover what you truly enjoy and excel at. So if you’re just starting out, take a chance and say yes to new opportunities – you never know what you’ll love until you give it a try.