How to Build a Winning Partnership between HR & IT Featuring Trent Cotton

We believe that it’s time for HR and IT departments to start working more effectively in tech recruitment!

Over the first two parts of this #DevRec Webinar Series, we heard from HR and IT to learn what each believes needs to change for this cooperation to work. From these insights, we’ve pieced together the puzzle that troubles so many organizations when recruiting top tech talent.

During Part 3 of this series, we heard from both HR and IT professionals as they lay to rest any lingering doubts on how to get this cooperation to work.

By watching this webinar you will:

  • Hear first-hand insights from our experienced panel of HR & IT professionals on how to work better together
  • Learn the critical factors that affect this cooperation from both the HR and IT perspective
  • Get tips on how to work more effectively through better planning and communication from both sides
  • Discover the blueprint for lasting tech recruitment success through effective HR & IT cooperation