Hit Your Best Quarter Ever with Brandon Powell

In this episode of Databox‘s Metrics and Chill Podcast, Brandon Powell, CEO and Founder of HatchWorks, shares how implementing a new goal-setting process called “Making Big Happen” led his team to their best quarter ever. Learn the steps to identify your Highly Outrageous Targets (HOTs) and how focusing on leading activities can bring a feeling of control, focus, and predictable performance to your company.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional goal-setting frameworks can prove unhelpful and may leave teams feeling discouraged when they miss certain goals.
  • “Making Big Happen” focuses on hitting a few critical goals and spending the rest of the quarter relentlessly focused on leading activities that move the needle on those goals.
  • The process involves picking 3 HOTs (Highly Outrageous Targets), determining the critical leading activities to achieve these goals, breaking down the activities into smaller parts, and measuring results at the end of the quarter.
  • Implementing this framework can lead to improved revenue, increased control, and more predictable performance.
  • Continuously calibrating and refining the leading activities can help drive growth and achieve desired outcomes.