Creating Opportunities with Brandon Powell

In a recent interview with Sarah Tourville on the Taking Flight: The Entrepreneurs Journey Podcast, Brandon Powell, CEO of Hatchworks, shared his journey as a lifelong learner and entrepreneur.

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Over the past six years, Brandon has learned more than he ever thought possible. He attributes his success to two key decisions:

  • First, he chose not to have a co-founder and despite the initial challenges, he now realizes it was the right choice.
  • Second, he secured his first 1-3 customers before quitting his corporate job, ensuring he had a steady source of income for his business.

Brandon cites his mother as his biggest support system. Growing up as a single child, his mother instilled a strong work ethic and the drive to earn what he wanted.

Brandon is grateful for the support he receives from his Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Atlanta Forum, stating that 90% of being an entrepreneur is about mindset, work-life balance, and stability.

When asked about his favorite book, Brandon says “Making Big Happen” by Mark Moses.