84% of global business organizations believe that AI will give them a competitive advantage, while nine out of 10 leading businesses have investments in AI technologies. However, fewer than 15% deploy AI capabilities in their work. That is a major gap.

Are you experiencing this same gap between ambition and execution when it comes to implementing AI / ML in your organization? Are you struggling with where to even start? Having an expert who can be your guide through this new age of data from strategy to execution is critical. 

We design and engineer cloud-native user-centric Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that solve real problems in your business. Plus, we actually help you operationalize these models so you can reap the benefits, improving your bottom line. 

Becoming a data-driven and ultimately a data-differentiating company is a journey. We take a “think big, start small, act fast” mindset to get you started. Our approach guides you through the complexities of determining if your problem is uniquely suited for AI / ML and identifying the best solution to achieve optimal results.

We believe your business is unique. That’s why we put YOU first. 

Proven frameworks and AI/ML models that accelerate time-to-market

Ability to implement custom
or off-the-shelf solution

Become predictive and
prescriptive with your data

  • Understanding the business problem(s)
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Understanding key metrics
  • Creation of a report and recommendations
  • Data cleaning
  • Feature engineering
  • Label training data
Model & Build
  • Identify appropriate algorithm
  • Data modeling
  • Build the model 
Train & Tune
  • Train the model
  • Hyperparameter tuning
Deploy & Monitor
  • Deploy to an endpoint
  • Monitor to ensure ongoing performance