2024 Insider’s Guide to Atlanta’s Top Software Development Companies

Ever felt overwhelmed by the many custom software development companies in Atlanta, GA? You’re not alone. Choosing the right partner, especially a competent software development firm, can be as tricky as navigating a maze.

But here’s the good news: we’re here to guide you through Atlanta’s vibrant custom software developer landscape, filled with top software development companies and innovative software solutions.

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Atlanta, GA is a melting pot of innovation, creativity, and technological advancement in software development. In this dynamic environment, top companiess like HatchWorks, SOLTECH, Bellwood Labs, Tyrannosaurus Tech, and WeGotCode are not just participants but trendsetters in providing innovative software solutions.

How to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a guide to make your decision-making as smooth as a sleek-running app! This guide showcases the unique qualities and offerings of these industry leaders.

Let’s explore the trendsetters shaping Atlanta’s software scene.

Criteria for Comparing Software Development Companies

When evaluating the leading software development companies in Atlanta, it’s essential to consider various factors that set them apart. Here’s a breakdown of key criteria to compare them effectively:

Company Expertise and Software Developers Technical Skills

Investigate the breadth of technical skills and expertise each company brings to the table. This includes AI-powered software developers, proficiency in specific programming languages, adoption of Agile methodologies, and specializations in certain technologies or industries.

Engagement Model

Understanding each software development company’s approach to client engagement is vital. Options vary from staff augmentation (integrating software developers into your team) to comprehensive custom software development services encompassing design, dedicated development teams, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

Global Presence and Market Focus

While some Atlanta software engineers and developers have a significant presence outside the U.S., others may focus more on the local or national market. This can impact their understanding of global trends and local market needs.

Main Differentiator

Identifying what sets each software development company apart in a competitive market is key. This could be a unique approach to software development, a specific focus area, or a blend of services that other companies do not offer.

Customer Feedback and Success Stories

Client testimonials and success stories provide insights into the company’s ability to deliver on promises and meet client expectations. They reflect on the company’s reputation and reliability.

Innovation and Adaptability

Assess how these companies embrace and respond to evolving technologies and market dynamics. Look for indicators in their project methodologies, adoption of cutting-edge technologies, or problem-solving approaches.

Cultural and Ethical Values

Understanding the company’s core values, such as commitment to quality, diversity, and work ethics, is important.

Range of Services

Look at the diversity and range of services offered by each software development company. While some companies might specialize in specific areas like mobile application development services, web development, app development or Salesforce implementation, others might offer a wider range of software development services.

Strategic Approach

Evaluate how each software development company approaches a project strategically. This includes their process for understanding client needs, setting project goals, and ensuring that the final product aligns with the client’s vision and business objectives. By considering these criteria, businesses can make an informed decision when selecting a software development company in Atlanta’s dynamic tech landscape.

Top Picks for a Software Company in Atlanta


Key Clients: Diebold Nixdorf, PwC, Cox, Carters, Honey Baked Ham

HatchWorks logo.

Company Overview:
HatchWorks is a leading software development company and Nearshore software development partner in Atlanta, GA. They combine local U.S. solutions practice with the affordability and scale of Nearshore outsourcing. They focus on aligning with U.S. time zones and offer a range of software development solutions and services.

Main Differentiator:
HatchWorks offers Nearshore services at half the cost of typical onshore options, ensuring cost efficiency without compromising on quality.

Their 98.5% employee retention rate and a 97% client retention rate reflects a commitment to stable and continuous service delivery.

Their model integrates U.S.-based solutions practice with the benefits of Nearshore outsourcing, striking a balance between local expertise and global efficiency.

The approach minimizes geopolitical risks and aligns perfectly with U.S. time zones, enhancing convenience for their clients.

Expertise and Technical Skills:
Their proficiency lies primarily in AI-powered software development, which increases speed-to-value and reduces cost throughout the software development lifecycle without sacrificing quality. Their AI-enabled engineers are proficient in Agile methodologies, full-stack development, human-centered design, AI, data analytics, and technology consulting.

They specialize in software development services with a wide range of technologies such as React, AngularJS, Vue.js, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Django, PHP, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, .NetCore, and others.

Engagement Model:

HatchWorks offers 3 engagement models tailored to the needs of their clients.

  • Staff Augmentation: Software developers integrated into your team
  • Dedicated Agile Teams: Software teams integrated into your organization
  • Outcome-Based Project: Full-service software solution development aligned to your success criteria

HatchWorks’ ability to do outcome-based projects is what stands out considering most Nearshore software development companies will only provide staff augmentation or dedicated teams that the client has to manage.

They also provided dedicated US-based client success managers to ensure the client’s project stays on track.

Global Presence:
HatchWorks has expanded its presence beyond its U.S. offices in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas to include significant operations in Latin America.

With offices in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru, this expansion reflects HatchWorks’ organic growth strategy in the region.

This growth strengthens their Nearshore service capabilities, offering clients cost-effective solutions while maintaining close alignment with U.S. time zones and business practices.

Customer Quote:

You delivered exactly what you said you would in exactly the budget and in exactly the timeline.


Key Clients: SJV & Associates, Bakkt, Cognia

Soltech logo.

Company Overview:
SOLTECH is a custom software development company in Atlanta, GA with a national presence. They specialize in building partnerships with businesses to develop custom software applications, products, platforms, and services.
Main Differentiator:
SOLTECH’s unique selling proposition is their balanced expertise in technical development and deep understanding of its impact on business growth, making them a strategic partner beyond mere development.
Expertise and Technical Skills:
They specialize in custom software development, mobile and web development, Salesforce implementation, web design, and user experience design. Their technical experience includes AWS, AngularJS, Java, and PHP, among others.
Engagement Model:
SOLTECH offers a variety of services including software design, mobile application development, app development, web development, Salesforce solutions, and IT staffing, each tailored to the unique needs of their clients.
Global Presence:
While primarily focused in the United States, SOLTECH has a national reach with its services.
Customer Quote:
“Whether it was developing websites or augmenting staff they could always be counted on to deliver exactly what was promised. I highly recommend SOLTECH.” – SJV & Associates

Bellwood Labs

Key Clients: OTHRSource, HelloJo
Bellwood Labs logo.
Company Overview:
Bellwood Labs is a custom software development company in Atlanta, GA that specializes in taking software products from conception to creation. They cater to a diverse client base, including startups and larger businesses, and are known for their design, engineering, and process leadership.
Main Differentiator:
Bellwood Labs differentiates itself through its entrepreneurial approach, treating each project as their own business, and focusing on asking the right questions to understand and meet client needs effectively.
Expertise and Technical Skills:
Their expertise lies in designing and using technology solutions, building software products, supporting businesses in scaling through technology, and providing integrated partnership from product conception to market scaling.
Engagement Model:
Bellwood Labs offers end-to-end services for both startups and larger companies, including design, engineering, and process leadership, with a focus on adapting to the unique needs of each project.
Global Presence:
Bellwood Labs primarily serves clients within the United States, focusing on a wide range of industries
Customer Quote:
“They help us refine the ask. They’re hustlers – they’re not 9-5ers. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness and timeliness.” – Todd Kieffer, COO, OTHRSource

Tyrannosaurus Tech

Key Clients: Greenlink Analytics, The Ron Clark Academy, Fountain Life tbd
Tyrannosaurus Tech logo.
Company Overview:
Tyrannosaurus Tech is a digital product design, custom software development, and strategy company in Atlanta, GA. They focus on solving complex technical problems and finding success with digital products, catering to startups, non-profits, and large-scale enterprises.
Main Differentiator:
Their commitment to impactful products and a methodical, iterative process for product development sets them apart. They emphasize understanding client visions and strategic goals to maximize impact.
Expertise and Technical Skills:
Their expertise spans healthcare, education, startups, and enterprises. They specialize in understanding business and user goals, prototyping, creating user experiences, and expanding team skillsets.
Engagement Model:
Tyrannosaurus Tech works closely with clients to understand their long-term goals and offers a multidisciplinary approach to guide them from idea to launch and beyond.
Global Presence:
The company appears to focus on the U.S. market, with no explicit mention of international business operations.
Customer Quote:
“Tyrannosaurus Tech treats this project like their own — they’re an excellent partner. I’m really impressed with their creativity. They’ve brought amazing ideas to the table for the future of the platform.” – Junior Bernadin, Dean of Students & IT Director, The Ron Clark Academy


Key Clients: Welnys, Delta TechOps, Aveanna Healthcare, HandyTrac Key Control

Company Overview:
7Factor designs, develops, deploys, and maintains well-engineered software solutions for tech-forward enterprises and ambitious startups. They focus on tackling unique problems and seizing new opportunities to develop software and to enhance operations and business growth.
Main Differentiator:
The company is guided by seven core values, including teaching and elevating, automating everything, doing no harm, fostering curiosity, promoting equality and diversity, building good things, and loving what they do.
Expertise and Technical Skills:
Specific technical skills are not detailed, but they emphasize engineering custom software solutions that are cloud-native and built for stability, security, and scalability.
Engagement Model:
7Factor offers a comprehensive range of services, including software design, development, deployment, and maintenance, with a focus on quality and supporting balanced lives.
Global Presence:
7Factor primarily operates in the U.S., with a focus on serving a diverse range of domestic clients.
Customer Quote:
“The platform that 7Factor built for us is a gamechanger for corporate wellness programs. They build stuff, and it works.” – Heather Waibel, Founder, Welnys

Band of Coders

Key Clients: SmokeBloq, ExamMed, Tip A ScRxipt
Band of Coders logo.
Company Overview:
Band of Coders is a custom software and app development company specializing in bringing software ideas to life. They provide a comprehensive team including developers, strategists, fractional CTOs, and technical engineers.
Main Differentiator:
Band of Coders distinguishes itself with a broad range of services, including fractional CTO services, custom software development, web and mobile app development, staff augmentation, product maintenance, custom web design, quality assurance, visual prototyping, and product design.
Expertise and Technical Skills:
The company develops software using a variety of languages and tools, including Java, React, React Native, Angular, Node, jQuery, .Net, Vue, Python, PHP, Laravel, Django, JavaScript, C#, Swift, HTML, and Ruby. They also work with platforms and databases like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, Heroku, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MongoDB.
Engagement Model:
Their model is client-centric, providing services across the software development lifecycle, from the discovery phase to product launch and maintenance.
Global Presence:
Band of Coders serves customers across various industries in North America including media, food, financial services, automotive, music & entertainment, advertising, retail, and healthcare.
Customer Quote:
“Their team has gone out of their way to create a relationship and make sure that we’re well taken care of.” – Brandy Stead, Digital Product Director, North Point Ministries

KMS Technology

Key Clients: Kibo, Elsevier, UnitLeader
KMS Technology logo.
Company Overview:
KMS Technology, for over 12 years, has been building industry-leading software products and is recognized as an award-winning software development firm. They focus on custom software solutions that accelerate delivery without sacrificing quality, catering to the needs of software companies.
Main Differentiator:
KMS Technology differentiates itself with its industry expertise, guaranteed quality, consultative approach, and results-focused solutions. They have a history of delivering for clients and investing in software products, offering creative solutions to enhance product value.
Expertise and Technical Skills:
KMS Technology offers a variety of services including software engineering, technology consulting, AI & Machine Learning, DevOps, managed services, software testing, MVP product development, platform modernization, and production support. They leverage their expertise in dozens of languages and technologies to provide end-to-end solutions.
Engagement Model:
Their approach involves discovery, elaboration, building, and operating stages. They work closely with clients to define clear business outcomes, determine the best solutions, efficiently execute plans, and support the final product for continuous improvement.
Global Presence:
While specifics of their global presence are not detailed, KMS Technology’s reach is indicated by its extensive client work and the formation of software companies.
Customer Quote:
“KMS Technology was very professional and responsive.” – Executive, Activated Insights

Atlanta’s Software Industry at a Glance

Atlanta, Georgia skyline at dusk with traffic trails.Atlanta’s software industry isn’t just about the code; it’s about the people, the ideas, and the community that drives it. It’s about finding a software development team and company that understands your vision and has the skills to bring it to life. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, the perfect ally for your software ambitions is right here in Atlanta software companies.

So, dive into this thriving ecosystem and discover a partner that aligns with your vision and goals. Embrace the opportunities that Atlanta offers and be a part of the innovation that’s shaping the future of your technology company.

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