Integrated Care Solutions
Partners With HatchWorks to
Bring Complex Patient-Centered
Custom Platform to Life

In 2018, National HealthCare Team (NHT) saw an opportunity to create a new business—one that could provide flexible episode post-acute care management to improve patient outcomes such as reducing readmissions and length of stay in care facilities. As they built out the business model for the soon-to-launch Integrated Care Solutions (ICS), the NHT executive team determined that the new company’s services could be targeted to health systems and provider groups.

The business challenge was that, within a post-acute episode, a patient can move around from facility to facility—making it difficult to track patients and manage their care through each transition. At the time, there was nothing commercially available scale solutions that ICS could buy to effectively support their business, let alone the specific workflow that had to happen for them to be successful. Moreover, their main business was nursing care—not software—so they did not have the expertise in-house to create the type of solution they needed.

In this case study, learn how ICS partnered with HatchWorks to build a product based on ICS defined clinical workflows, Integrated Care Solutions successfully developed Care+. This highly functional, automated, integrated and customized tool assists ICS in providing population health patient care management and transition management, while also supporting programs such as Medicare BPCI Advanced.

Diebold Nixdorf: Modernizing a Legacy Marketing Application

In 2020, Diebold Nixdorf initiated an enterprise wide customer service transformation. As part of this initiative, focus was placed on redesigning a legacy ATM marketing application that was widely used by customers and also received many requests for updates and improvements.

In this case study, learn how Diebold Nixdorf partnered with HatchWorks for its software redesign and modernization expertise. In working towards developing the new solution, HatchWorks began its strategy development by conducting customer research to understand user needs and processes. From there, HatchWorks’ designers created updated process flows and wireframes of potential screens for the reimagined product, helping simplify the steps from a functionality and technical standpoint to enable customers to easily create marketing campaigns. The new design also had to work within hardware confines such as ATM screen size, as well as ensure integration with other legacy systems. Customers who volunteered to test the new design shared extremely positive feedback, with the average usability score at more than 83%, compared to 31% for the existing ATM marketing solution.

HatchWorks Helps Startup Evolve into a Fintech Healthcare Provider Success Story

In 2017, a US-based healthcare services and consulting firm decided to create a new revenue stream—one that would fill a significant gap in the industry, help customers benchmark and better understand their post-acute Medicare revenues, and enable them to create a spin-off company. They desired a technology platform sold as a subscription service to healthcare providers, which would perform process automation and customized analytics reporting—and, in turn, help healthcare providers improve their financial and market position via the analytics offered.

In this case study, learn how a partner with HatchWorks to create a platform that facilitates the collection, processing and storage of key patient data from healthcare facilities; and enables the reporting of key metrics to these facilities as well as corporations, insurers and health systems. Customers can directly enroll to the platform and make payments, as the system integrates with Stripe for payment processing.

Within a few short years following launch, the spin-off company has experienced rapid growth—and is now an undisputed leader in their field in analytics for the market they service.