The Same Award-Winning Approach to Re-focus Your Existing Software

Not all solutions are created equal—especially when it comes to software. Far too often, organizations suffer from under-performing applications that simply don’t meet their expectations.

Much like our Software Development Service, our redesign process follows the same methodology—ensuring that an overall strategy is created, a design phase captures the ideal experience for your end users, a comprehensive iterative development approach enables your requirements and solutions to evolve through collaboration, and a full relaunch brings your project to fruition. However, replacing existing software requires planning for user, data and organizational migration from one solution to another.

Rethinking and Updating Your Software Strategy

Reimagining a pre-existing software is actually not as complicated as one might think. Even if the software has not been well-received, data exists that can be leveraged to improve everything from user experience, to outcomes, and more. 

Our software strategy phase addresses multiple factors including:

  • Assessing the current solution and its technologies
  • Redefining core solution users, key tasks and goals
  • Determining new MVP critical path and product phases
  • Defining the new high-level technical architecture
  • Defining newly introduced requirements
  • Testing UX and technical hypothesis with POCs 
  • Defining and prioritizing your new roadmap
Redesign Your Software by Leveraging Everything You've Learned

Redesign Your Software by Leveraging Everything You've Learned

Now that a new and more accurate strategy is in place, it’s at this phase that we develop the new and more ideal experience for your end users. For instance, this is where we fix previous issues including navigation challenges, usability, and user experience. We accomplish this through visual tools such as detailed workflows, wireframes and screen designs to validate proposed ideas.  

Best of all, by combining new insights with lessons learned from your previous software experience, our highly iterative design activities effectively leverage user research and feedback. This ensures all stakeholders are aligned and confident that their new vision is becoming a reality. And just like our net-new Software Development Service, we work with you to answer critical technical questions through proofs-of-concept that test assumptions and confirm the viability of the new solution to be developed—all designed to create the best possible outcomes.

Redeveloping Your Software

Once your Software Strategy Development and Design activities are completed, it’s time to truly accelerate your project. So how is this accomplished? First, we use the same highly dedicated expert team that you’ve become accustomed to from previous phases. This is done not only to establish immediate continuity and camaraderie; it also helps accelerate HatchWorks’ renowned engineering horsepower that ultimately brings your vision to fruition.

Next, we continue to leverage our Agile methodology—the iterative development approach that enables your requirements and solutions to evolve through collaboration. And of course, we use the power of our Unified Development Framework to ensure we aren’t reinventing the wheel. 

When Your New Vision is Ready for the World

It’s a highly satisfying feeling to see your ideas come to fruition, and to see an exciting newly updated software application be redesigned and rebuilt. Therefore, it’s now time to launch!

Your HatchWorks team will help you plan the migration and launch your newly imagined product, along with helping you support and build on it long after its first day in the sun. In fact, we have an entire suite of Cloud Application Services purpose-built to help you now and into the future. 

When your new vision is ready for the world

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