Cloud Application Services

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Everyone knows that cloud computing is the undeniable epicenter of automated communications, connectivity and experience. But who has the time, skill-sets or desire to manage it all? This is where HatchWorks can help!

Cloud Application Services

Cloud Assessments

You’ve moved your architecture to the cloud—and now the complicated part begins. Or does it? Whether it’s infrastructure, security, application architecture, DevOps or something more, we can provide comprehensive assessments of the entirety of your cloud environment.

In fact, we can take an inventory of your used resources, how your infrastructure is configured, the overall security health of your infrastructure, and assess your application architecture and any DevOps automation that exists. The result: a report of findings and expert recommendations for any and all necessary improvements.

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Cloud Application Services

AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation

We pride ourselves on being experts in all leading-edge technologies—it’s what our customers deserve and what leads to their ultimate success. That’s why we are fully AWS certified.

Our expertise means that we can perform Well-Architected Reviews of workloads hosted in AWS in accordance with best practices defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The result: you get a highly insightful report of all findings, along with a full remediation plan for all high-risk issues.

Cloud Application Services

Cloud Managed Services

The time, effort and expertise required to manage all things cloud-related is daunting, to say the least. And for our customers, they have far better things to do.

That’s why we offer our suite of Cloud Managed Services. From infrastructure management to monitoring, support, application support, security and more, we handle it all. Better yet, we even manage the initial migration of workloads from on-premises or other cloud providers to AWS—because getting there is half the battle.

Cloud Application Services


Your success depends on you being able to take full advantage of the latest in container technologies. Whether that’s Docker, Fargate, Kubernetes or more, our experts can manage containers relating to software development, testing, and hosting production applications. This includes configuring Docker and Docker Compose for local development, managing container registries, and hosting applications using Fargate and Kubernetes.

Cloud Application Services

Security Certification

Staying current with all compliance standards and initiatives is never easy for organizations—but it can be. Our security and compliance experts can help facilitate your certifications including HIPAA, PCI, SOC and ISO.

Machine Learning & AI