Today, HatchWorks announced the launch of SupportWorks, a new service offering focused on full lifecycle support for software, including maintenance, improvement, testing and repairs. SupportWorks is a program designed to help your business run more efficiently through connecting your existing applications and systems. This program provides our customers the option for HatchWorks to run and support existing business software applications and systems, on top of the design and build services provided by HatchWorks.

HatchWorks, started in Atlanta, Georgia in January 2017, built a successful business on designing and developing custom software for business of all sizes. Our experienced leadership team has launched hundreds of products to market, and we have found that after launch, many mid-sized and smaller companies do not have the resources with running or maintaining the applications effectively. Applications, including the associated software, integration points, and underlying operating systems, are constantly changing, which requires regular application maintenance and repairs.

Companies may reach out to managed service providers to do application support, only to find that they do not provide end-to-end lifecycle, design, build & run services, for existing applications and systems. With SupportWorks, we’re providing the “run” option for customers.

SupportWorks can also improve your software, by finding the hidden glitches or inefficiencies that are holding your productivity back. Not only can SupportWorks run and maintain the software program, it can also make suggestions on how to improve your product through its lifecycle.

SupportWorks offers three tiers, depending on the level of support a business might need.

The first tier offers support for basic inquiries, usage issues, and administration functions. The mid-tier allows SupportWorks to analyze issues, monitor system health and offer minor resolutions. On the higher end, SupportWorks can offer expert diagnostics, major resolutions, code updates and configuration changes.

Our diagnostics and major resolutions program help uncover underlying trouble with software, allowing you to be faster and more efficient in solving issues before they become major issues for you or your customers.

Businesses outgrow their existing applications and systems, and that’s where HatchWorks can help you. SupportWorks will provide full support and expert services you need to maintain, improve and grow your existing applications and systems so you can continue to serve your business for the future.

With SupportWorks, our all-in-one application support makes sure your business’s software application is covered: from the underlying infrastructure to the front-end application your users interact with every day.

In addition to SupportWorks, HatchWorks offers full lifecycle services and development for software products from the very beginning: From designing it, building it, managing it and improving it. Have a project we can help with? Contact Us now.