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HatchWorks builds for the future. Our team of product experts enable the collection, analyses, and UX-enhanced visualization of big data with custom software for Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecomm, and Human Resources companies. 

We collaboratively unlock the value of your business with data-driven solutions and deliver best in class products by combining your expertise with our people, process and tools. Driven by our team’s curious, passionate desire to solve and simplify complex problems through data and innovation, we excel in maximizing product value and ROI for you and your customers while delivering on key business objectives. 

HatchWorks supports your products with our uniquely integrated teams of onshore and nearshore Costa Rican resources. To ensure your business performs at peak, we power every product team with specialized experts and team experience averaging 15+ years.

Data Analytics

Leverage Data Across Your Organization to Improve Decision-Making 

It’s never been easier or more affordable to solve business problems and uncover new revenue-generating opportunities using data. Now, businesses of all sizes and across all industries can take advantage of big data technologies and easily collect, store, process, analyze, and share their data. HatchWorks can help you see more value in your data by migrating your data to a preferred cloud provider (public or private) then quickly building a front-end for you to clearly visualize and take action with powerful metrics about your business.

Collect & Analyze Key Insights to Improve Your Bottom Line

HatchWorks’ Data Analytics solutions start with defining your business’ mission-critical metrics, migrating your data and prototyping the UX/UI designed data visualizations. This prototype serves as a tool to gain organizational alignment early on – saving you both time and money. After the prototype is validated, we develop dashboards based on the use case. We can design a fully customized interface or utilize out of the box tools like Tableau, InVision, Cliq or QuickSights. We rely on the business requirements to determine the right technology for the product rather than limiting your solution options.

After key operational metrics are defined, our data scientists reveal the untapped power of the data with artificial intelligence and machine learning for advanced predictive analytics. By unlocking previously unknown insights, we transform your platform into an ecosystem or ‘hub’ of data insights, equipping you with a competitive advantage.


Cost Savings

Centralized data collection and governance reduces overall expenditure.

Speed to Market

Increased data access, scalability and flexiblity.


Ensures Regulatory compliance and security requirements with capabilities.

Cloud Infrastructure

Reliable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure spurs innovations and adoption.


  • Predictive Analytics

  • Data Modeling

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Visualization

  • Cloud Migration

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

Product Development

Speed Innovation and Disruption with Custom Applications 

At HatchWorks, we transform innovative ideas into custom digital products and applications that uniquely address specific business cases – saving you the time and expense of buying and adapting off-the shelf solutions. HatchWorks builds people-centered products and mobile & web applications focused on the core needs of the user, business, data, and technology. Our solutions result in products that align with and adapt to current workflows and data availability empowering you to offer a flexible customer-facing or internal solution for your end users.

Develop a Custom Solution That Aligns with Your Operations

HatchWorks Application Design & Development process begins with our trademarked Co-Vision ™ phase to collaboratively define the product strategy – desired outcomes, business requirements and market readiness. By narrowing the product focus, we can deliver a scalable solution for maximum impact as well as define high-level requirements for the users and infrastructure.

The following Design phase results in detailed screen designs, workflows and application flows visualized in a prototype. Our rapid and iterative solution prototyping enables an effective use of user research/feedback and ensures stakeholder alignment within an organization. Efficiently building custom applications requires an experienced team proficient with Agile development processes and requirements documentation – and that’s why we are selected to be your partner.



A tailored solution that aligns with the organization’s needs and operations rather than adapting an off-the-shelf solution.

Cost Effectiveness

Rapid solution development that is validated and refined by key stakeholders.


Versatile, custom solutions that aren’t restricted by the limitations of an existing solution.


Interoperable solutions and processes built on a foundation of technology and data requirements and are unrestricted by the limitations of an existing product.


  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Application Training
  • Product Refinement
  • Cloud Enablement
  • DevOps Automation
  • Agile Project Delivery

Cloud Comuting

Automate Your
Production Environment

Do more with less. At HatchWorks, we provide dedicated MAS teams with automation expertise to operationalize your production environment. Support, infrastructure and InfoSet are the key components of our approach to automation to provide real-time support and ensure all issues are addressed. We are committed to protecting your environment in production support mode and equipping you with critical insights into issues and features. Our MAS teams provide reports on the inner-workings of each component to ensure data privacy and security, collect data on response times, open and closed tickets, issues, outages, uptime percentages, and more, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Increase Operational Efficiencies with Automation 

Our team infuses decades of cross-functional, cross-industry experience into every project. HatchWorks leadership team averages 20+ years of directly related career experience for designing and developing automated production environments. Our innovators and developers embrace the complexities of transforming custom software and data ecosystems into automated, fault-tolerant environments. Our mission is to equip businesses and their customers with the data they need to be innovative leaders, automating complex processes to remove human error and increasing accuracy and operational efficiencies.



Reduced human error, increased productivity.


Gain critical insights into your production environment.


Data security and privacy.

Reduced Workload

Automated, fault-tolerant support.


  • Cloud Hosting & Security
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Business Continuity & DR
  • Product Management
  • Application Management
  • SLA Management
  • Service Desk (Tier 1 / 2 / 3)

Focus on innovating at high velocity for your customers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner

Reduce costs and increase productivity to spend more time and energy on developing great customer experiences and products.

AWS & HatchWorks Technologies provide the versatile infrastructure resources and tooling that help you use a DevOps model. We enable you to rapidly and reliably deliver new applications and features so you can better meet your customers’ needs.


AWS Migrations | Data Analytics Platforms | Data Integration| Business Continuity/DR | Data Security & Governance | Continuous Integration/Delivery | DevOps Monitoring, Performance | Infrastructure as Code | Applications – BI, Data Visualization | Digital Customer Experience

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