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Integrated Care Solutions (ICS) needed a comprehensive solution to help manage the care of patients in episodic and population health value-based care programs. This user-friendly solution enables care coordinators to manage patients clinically and financially, while interfacing with several external sources.The clinical solution uses custom workflows designed to monitor and improve patient health throughout a post acute episode. The product has dashboards and analytics to easily identify patient alerts, track current and historical data, and predictive analytics tools to improve care manager effectiveness and efficiency.


Patient care solutions including clinical workflows, management of large patient populations and data integration are highly complex and challenging. After an acute hospital stay, patients are moving through many different care settings and sometimes return to the hospital. However, many organizations have the need to track patients through these care settings for a 90 day episode to determine the impacts on financial contracts. 

Organizations also have the desire to support the care of patients once they leave an acute care hospital to prevent patient decline and readmission into the hospital or an ER visit. HatchWorks needed to design and build a solution that created tools to support patient care setting changes, tools to deliver clinical workflows and track patient progress and finally tools to present easy to understand metrics and analytics that quickly show an organization or hospital how they are performing. 



HatchWorks worked closely with the experienced clinical and analytic teams at ICS to clearly define not only the needs of the individual users of the system but also how the solution fit into the current ICS business model. HatchWorks worked with the ICS in several Co-Visioning sessions to define a high-level MVP feature set.  These sessions helped to narrow the focus of a first release solution that while providing value to the businesses, would help them get a working solution as soon as possible. Next, HatchWorks took this high-level feature set and worked with ICS to build wireframes, process flows, and ultimately a final design seen in a prototype. The prototype enabled ICS to not only have a clear vision to a solution but also have a tool to communicate internally. Next HatchWorks built the MVP solution by refining the high-level requirements into detailed agile stories and sprints, delivering a working MVP solution to ICS.


The patient management solution built is a flexible, easy to use and adaptable tool for clinician, management and administrative users.  At times, complex clinical logic delivers different clinical workflows depending on the patient’s status and care setting. Population summary views support quick assessment of a patient’s status, progress in the episode as well as tasks that are due for that patient. Individual patient views provide a visual history of a patient’s journey in their episode as well as easy accessible tools to complete patient management tasks and key assessments. Analytics and dashboard views contain metrics valued by each role type to support operations, an understanding of productivity as well as performance as well as enable data to be filtered by organizational and patient meta-data.   

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