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HatchWorks helped Zimmet Healthcare Services Group solidify its product strategy by identifying key differentiators for creating a competitive advantage

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Zimmet Healthcare Services Group (ZHSG) is a comprehensive reimbursement, compliance and management support firm dedicated to delivering operational services to the post-acute care industry. Founded in 1993, ZHSG is a nationally recognized leader in reimbursement, compliance, outsourced management solutions, performance analytics and post-acute strategy.Reporting on post-acute spending is of common interest among skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), insurers and health systems. As insurers and health systems implement measures to reduce costs, SNFs are pressured to do the same to enhance their facility’s value-profile. Today, post-acute care reporting is limited to publicly reported Medicare claims data. ZHSG knew there was a better way. Leveraging its vast data store, ZHSG engaged HatchWorks to design and develop a new, predictive analytics platform to augment and improve post-acute spending by way of patient demographics, conditions, services provided and the cost of treatment.



HatchWorks met with ZHSG and conducted an initial discovery/requirements session. Focusing on ZHSG’s business needs, the post-acute care industry and its competitive landscape, HatchWorks helped ZHSG solidify its product strategy by identifying key differentiators for creating a competitive advantage. Further, HatchWorks and ZHSG collaborated on the design of a recurring revenue model for this new product offering.

HatchWorks conducted deep dive discussions about the people, processes and technologies that would be required to bring ZHSG’s product to market. Collectively, the team answered: Who would be using the system? What would these users be doing in the system? How would the system have to be built to support their behaviors? The team covered topics ranging from user personas to field level analysis of post-acute spending datasets, as well complex calculations needed to display key metrics and analytics within the new platform.

HatchWorks leveraged Rapid Prototyping to create a realistic depiction of new product that ZHSG could use to validate and approve the requirements and design. This prototype also provided the development team with a blueprint from which to build and provided ZHSG’s sales team with a means to advertise and sell the product before launch.


Secure and Scalable

The new ZHSG product facilitates the collection, processing and storage of key data from facilities, and report key metrics to which SNFs, corporations, insurers, and health systems can purchase access. In addition, the solution includes an administrative portal, allowing ZHSG administrators to manage system access and benchmark data.

Unlike many product development firms, HatchWorks takes pride in being truly platform agnostic. This means our technical architects assess each product in context to its requirements and existing customer technology ecosystem. For ZHSG, HatchWorks tailored the solution to a platform ideal for ZHSG’s long-term management, user profiles and platform scalability. Analytics are housed in a custom web portal built with Node.js and PHP, which leverages an underlying PostgreSQL database system. This permits product customers to download, email or view reports in their browser with ease and speed. Built mobile-first, the product meets its customers on their turf by being responsively designed to run on any device regardless screen size or resolution. The solution also integrates with Stripe for initial and recurring payment processing. All data is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with strict adherence to all HIPAA security and compliance regulations.

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