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HatchWorks redesigned Anthem Innovation Studio’s microsite and Content Management System (CMS). The microsite improved and streamlined internal communication of the Studio’s healthcare innovations.

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At Anthem Innovation Studio, ideas quickly become products. Its multi-disciplinary team of innovation experts are laser-focused on transforming healthcare. At any given time, the team is engaged in numerous initiatives at varying stages of the innovation process. And Anthem employees need to be informed of new initiatives. To solidify Anthem Innovation Studio’s brand, improve internal communications, and streamline the content management process, Anthem selected Hatchworks to redesign the Studio’s microsite and supporting Content Management System (CMS). As part of the redesign, Anthem tasked Hatchworks with delivering a responsive design to support desktop, mobile, tablet, and wide-screen resolutions and enhance the backend Relax CMS in just four weeks to ensure the launch coincided with an executive presentation.



The Hatchworks’ team assigned to the project brought a combined 20 years of healthcare experience, enabling a clear undertanding of the client needs and vision to provide immediate value. We applied our agile HatchWorks Platform methodology throughout the project to ensure we delivered superior product quality, in a time-efficient manner. As part of our project kickoff, Hatchworks met with Anthem Innovation Studio’s leadership to understand their goals and objectives for the microsite. After we gained stakeholder alignment, Hatchworks and Anthem’s product team worked in lockstep to iterate through each sprint from concept to design and from development through approval.


Rapid Launch

Hatchworks delivered the Anthem Innovation Studio responsive microsite redesign with their four-week deadline. We leveraged a ReactJS frontend and a Relax CMS backend for Anthem employees to view the microsite across computers, mobile devices, tablets and any widescreens displays. In addition, we enabled Anthem Product Directors to maintain and update the content on the microsite in real time, empowering Anthem employees with key insights into the Studio’s latest healthcare innovations.

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