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Accelerate Your Business Intelligence Product Outcomes

As a token of our appreciation, HatchWorks is offering a gratis 3-hour HatchWorkshop to kickstart your POC and prototype development, accelerate your time to market and improve your BI implementation outcomes.

What’s a HatchWorkshop? Simply put, it’s your key to maximizing your product’s revenue potential with product strategy and design done right.

Develop a winning product strategy, define your product’s business case and maximize product ROI with a HatchWorkshop.

Our team of experts will guide you on your journey to product excellence during this 3-hour workshop. For SMBs as well enterprises across all verticals, we’ll collaboratively workshop a strategic approach to a successful product solution.

Unified Development Framework

The Benefits of Advanced Planning and Architecture

Faster Time-to-Value.

Our Process

  • Register for HatchWorkshop Introductory call
  • Complete and submit Pre-workshop questionnaire
  • Define workshop approach + participants
  • HatchWorkshop Session (3 hours)
  • Post-HatchWorkshop Assessment

Improved Consistency.

What to Prepare

  • HatchWorkshop product focus
  • Defined product challenges, objectives
  • Potential workshop participants
  • Complete pre-workshop questionnaire
  • Availability for 3-hour workshop session

Built-in Quality.

Example Agenda

  • Team Introductions
  • Brief kickoff presentation
  • Product Strategy workshop & discovery session
  • Assess & review discovery findings
  • Collaboratively explore and refine product solution approach

Webinar Democratize Your Data with Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting at Scale