HatchWorks Technologies

AWS Select Consulting Partner

HatchWorks is proud to be a certified AWS Consulting Partner since 2019. Together with AWS, we help companies to take advantage of AWS efficiencies and automation to help lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), maximize product ROI and development velocity, and drive innovation for you and your customers.

Our team of AWS cloud experts provide all-in-one application and infrastructure hosting and management services. We scale and optimize your application architecture, infrastructure, security, database, cloud migrations and BI/Data Analytics implementations. And we provide Tier 2-3 application and infrastructure support – so you don’t have to worry about it.

AWS Expertise


Amazon Cognito

Amazon CloudFormation

Amazon Route 53
Amazon Simple Service Storage (S3)
Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)




AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Services

HatchWorks is proud to be an AWS Select Consulting Partner since 2019

Cloud Assessments

  • Cloud Infrastructure Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Cloud Application Architecture Assessment
  • CI/CD Assessment
  • DevOps Assessment
  • Database Assessment
  • Data Warehouse Architecture Assessment

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management/Monitoring/Support
  • Cloud Application/Product Support
  • Cloud Security Services (PCI/HIPAA)
  • Business Intelligence & Custom Analytics
  • AWS Well Architected Review
  • Containers
  • Security Certification (HIPAA, PCI, SOC)

Service Delivery 

AWS CloudFormation

Success Stories

WealthAbility - Case Study



Wealthability was challenged with creating effective wealth management strategies for improving financial health and investments. When founder, Tom Wheelwright engaged with HatchWorks, they were struggling with ‘quality consistency’ due to the manual management of data. A lack of digitization, automation and intuitive processes resulted in inaccurate and inflated projections and reports for its clients.

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