Living in Atlanta over the last few years, it’s been impossible to ignore the technology transformation happening before our eyes. Tech hubs focused on innovation are dominating the midtown and downtown areas, with more investment from big and small companies allocating real dollars into their future sustainability.

For larger, more established companies, continuing to innovate can be more challenging as the investment can be construed as not profitable. But long-standing brands such as Mercedes Benz are realizing that in an ultra-competitive global economy, dedicating resources toward creating an unencumbered, start-up mentality may be the difference between growth and a slow death.

On top of unveiling their new, state-of-the-art, North American corporate office, Mercedes Benz also announced their plan to launch an innovation hub at a separate location in Atlanta. A separate facility is an important innovation strategy as it will allow them to operate without the responsibility of having to run the core business.

Mercedes is not the only long-standing company leveraging Atlanta’s technology talent to drive innovation. Brands such as Anthem Healthcare, AT&T, The Home Depot, Coca Cola, Delta, and many more have jumped on board. Like Mercedes, these innovation hubs operate outside the corporate walls and attract some of the top technology talent in the country.

Our state and federal governments are also supporting technology innovation through tax credits designed to incent companies.  Recent regulation changes to these tax credits have allowed companies to claim technology projects such as software development as part of the incentive.

The desire and need to invest in innovation is not limited to large corporations. Many of our mid-sized clients have found ways to develop innovative software within their budgets.

Through strategic foresight, more competitive marketplaces, and favorable incentives, the commitment to make innovation a business driver is redefining traditional corporate cultures — and changing the Atlanta landscape.

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